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Diablo 3 Gold

D3 Gold is the main Diablo 3 currency. Prices of items and repairs are presented in gold amount. You can use it for buying potions, scrolls, gear and other items. It has exactly the same functions as in previous releases of Diablo. In 2014 Auction House has been introduced allowing players to trade their items with D3 gold, however some items are unable to be traded due to account bind on aquire. D3 Gold is shared among all characters of the same type on account (excluding hardcore and seasonal characters). When it comes to vendors, selling value is always 1/25th worth of the item's buying value (potion bought for 500 will be sold for 20). The amount of gold found can be increased by items with % gold find statistic. Before the expansion, it wes common to pay with gems as those had a constant value in game. Looking for Diablo 3 Gold? Check MMOAuctions for the latest offers connected with Diablo 3!