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Diablo 3 Gold

D3 Gold is the main Diablo 3 currency. Prices of items and repairs are presented in gold amount. You can use it for buying potions, scrolls, gear and other items. It has exactly the same functions as in previous releases of Diablo. In 2014 Auction House has been introduced allowing players to trade their items with D3 gold, however some items are unable to be traded due to account bind on aquire. Gold is shared among all characters of the same type on account (excluding hardcore and seasonal characters). When it comes to vendors, selling value is always 1/25th worth of the item's buying value (potion bought for 500 will be sold for 20). The amount of gold found can be increased by items with % gold find statistic. Before the expansion, it wes common to pay with gems as those had a constant value in game. Looking for cheap Diablo 3 Gold? Check MMOAuctions for the latest offers connected with Diablo 3!


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D3 gold quick facts

Gold is a basic currency in Diablo 3, used for repairs and exchanged at vendors in players hub for enchanting, crafting and jewel crafting services. Various empowerments and rerolls, be it gems or endgame game modes require gold too. In the first days of Diablo 3 gold used to play a much more significant role, as it could be exchanged on an in-game Auction House. AH allowed people to sell or buy items using the currency mentioned above or real-life money. After a massive backlash, however, Blizzard decided to remove this marketplace. However, Auction House had a secondary purpose of balancing Diablo 3’s itemization system, which wasn’t very smart and getting the perfect stats for the character you were currently playing as was nearly impossible. Such a shame that somewhat innovative and certainly fresh system of battling professional farmers community ultimately failed to meet the demands of ever changing game industry. It seems like a freemium business model is a right solution to the said problem; however, hated by the gamers worldwide, it may be.   


It is ironic that Auction House - system copied and pasted from popular Blizzard’s MMO - World of Warcraft - introduced as a wonderful solution to end once and for all third party gold and in-game items trading and general EULA violations, turned out to be the flop that sunk the whole Diablo 3 project. We can’t know for sure whether Diablo 3 would fare better without controversies revolving around Auction House, but that certainly played a role in Diablo 3 lukewarm reception (despite all the prerelease hype) and its subsequent failure to stand up to its predecessors’ fame and fortune, deeming Diablo 3 to be harbinger of Blizzard’s future demise and struggles to stay relevant as a game developer. Or maybe the right explanation of this phenomena is just simple as that - Blizzard’s strive to simplify RPG mechanics of its games as much as possible wasn’t that great idea, to begin with. We will never know for sure. After all, many players like it when their games are hard and complicated. Overcoming a challenge often feels really satisfying. 


On the other hand, what can be stated without a shadow of a doubt is the everlasting relevance of Diablo 3 gold, and its importance in-game progression, as explained below. As a game, Diablo 3 is definiely rooted in the traditions of its predecessors, players are once again tasked to battle and slay hordes of enemies and looting the randomly generated items. Even though, you can't use gold to buy the strongest items from other players, it can still prove to be really useful.


Gold sinks in Diablo 3

Diablo 3 can provide players with several so-called “gold sinks.” Gold sinks were devised and introduced by Blizzard content gates, that were supposed to stabilize the in-game economy by means of well, sinking excess gold while unlocking (sort of) new content. Contrary to the ill fated Auction House project, this turned out to be a success and although Diablo 3 struggles with inflation (well actually all online games with unlimited currency supply have this problem) among the most engaged players who apparently are unable to cease their annoying bragging about hoarded gold, however most of the playerbase experiences balanced and challenging gameplay, with nearly just enough gold to slowly creep the Diablo 3’s power curve.


Let’s dive a bit deeper into Diablo 3 gold sinks, there’s quite a lot of them, although available in Story Mode, their importance comes to play in Adventure Mode. Three types of gold sinks exist - player hub development, Rift system upgrades, and gambling. We will cover all of them extensively with a drop of our trademark nerdiness for you to read with pleasure.



Artisans are a unique type of NPC offering players upgrades to their equipment. Players have to unlock them via Story Mode and earning their trust, after that they will travel with a player in Caravan (location serving as game hub) serving various roles, depending on their trade. We’ve included here Kanai’s Cube and its operator, not exactly an artisan since it’s a powerful artifact but it serves the same role as regular artisans.



Haedrig Eamon is thespian of his own story, truly classical tragedy culminating with grim catharsis. Born into an upper-class family of king Leoric’s diplomat family, he had his life secured and was destined to succeed and would do so if not for the king’s madness and ultimate downfall of his kingdom, leading to peasant revolt during which his family’s manor was sacked, his father killed in the process. Haedrig managed to elude the mob and embarked on a long quest in search of a new goal in life while adjusting to the mundane and precarious life of a commoner. Somewhere along the way, he’s met his wife Mira - gifted mystic - with which he led a happy life as a lowly smith, but it wasn’t meant to last long as under hers advise they moved into Tristram. 


What follows needs a bit of metaphysical analysis of player character role in Diablo 3 plot - although player’s actions along the span of Diablo series, arguably result in outcomes that can be labeled as “positive”, even if they are temporary, insightful loremasters could put up quite a controversial thesis that players are actually anthropomorphization of Sanctuary’s Thanatian drive, constantly shifting between autodestructive acts and sublimation of its death-seeking tendencies. Some may say that treating game setting as an object of Freudian analysis is a tad too radical. So to defend that claim - player as a human being is entirely exogenous force in its nature - just as various harmful substances that autodestructive person may introduce to its system in order to satisfy it’s craving of death - while player’s avatar - in Diablo 3’s case it’s the Nephalem - is phenomenological way of transposing real world upon virtual one (since Sanctuary is limited to being object of others actions) and in this way Sanctuary entangles itself in ebbs and flows of its subconscious. Although described as Sanctuary’s guardian of ecosystem balance (likes of Cordyceps fungi function of regulating arthropod’s jungle ecosystems), it’s more akin to the role which gamma radiation bursts played in Earth’s biological history - mindless, unstoppable and destructive force of change that makes way for the new organisms to sprawl and claim the planet. It seems like the Nephalem’s role is similar to the Nameless Ones. Now that we’ve established that Nephalem is a chaotic attempt of game world to change itself, we can fully understand the extent of ruin that has been brought upon Haedrig’s life.


Last time we’ve talked about Haedrig, we left him just five minutes to the nightmarish trap that his life is bound to become. Star has fallen onto the Sanctuary, spurring doom and awakening the dead, bringing something arguably darker - Nephalem - to Tristram. Haedrig becomes involved in player’s when he reforges Leoric’s crown and generally offers his services, while keeping in secret that his beloved wife Mira has become Risen Dead, for fear that Nephalem would murder her. It turns out that this concern wasn’t unsubstantiated after all, as she is slain in cold blood by a player character. We won’t know for sure what happened - whether Haedrig descended into madness, was overflown with despair or simply gave up on his life and became bleak image of his past self, mere witness to his crumbling life, a hollowed-out husk in service of ruinous power of Nephalem - but somehow he decides to move over it and follow Nephalem on his quest to unmake the Evil, binding his life forever to one that time after time - directly or not - wreak havoc to his life. 


Haedwig serves in Caravan as a smith that is essential to progress in Diablo 3 - he offers a wide array of recipes and - with a substantial amount of gold - his workshop can be (and should) upgraded to unlock more items and possibilities of climbing up the power curve.



Rumored by Diablo community to be a deity (or at least supernatural being) Covetous Shen is Xiansainian wandering the world, partially to his overwhelming wanderlust and open, free-spirited nature, and partly to his long and fruitless search for the gem in which demon god Dirgest was trapped. Shen’s past remains a mystery. He claims that he had to leave Xiansai due to some bad events, although it’s clear that Shen had lived far longer than a regular human being and most of his adventures imply an uncanny connection to Zei - trickster god hailing from Xiansai pantheon. Whatever’s the truth, a role he plays in Nephalem’s story furthers our claim of the metaphysical role of the player character in Sanctuary as his fate is independent of player’s actions (although interconnected). Free-spirited as he is, Shen can be rescued from a barrel in Caldeum sewers to unlock his services and help him with his quest. Players can attempt to unveil Shen’s past but - him probably not being just another mortal commoner - to no effect (Shen will feed us with convoluted and ambiguous information, rather shrouding himself in clouds of eerie mysteries than helping us). This inability to see past through Shen’s mortal coil hiding his true nature is the strongest premise backing up deity hypothesis as standing up against players efforts of demystifying the world requires one to be at least a god (as per the famous Nietzsche’s aphorism - player’s power creep exposes game fluff as a mere facade of mundane game mechanics, turning whole experience into metagaming activity, focused on efficient use of these, rather than immersing oneself in the game world, this also applies to gathering  lore, as it’s often done via external sources. This mirrors transformation of human production of knowledge systems into ones focused on careful measurement and materialism, thus leading to the drying up of the horizon of meaning and eventual death of god). 


As other Artisans, Shen once unlocked in Story Mode is available account-wide. He can be used to add gems to weapon and armor sockets, swap them or combine in order to obtain better ones. Reaper of Souls added possibility to craft gems with Shen’s help. His workshop serves as a gold sink, giving players the ability to craft powerful items in exchange for copious amounts of gold.



Introduced in Reapers of Souls DLC (actually, she was meant to appear in base game Blizzard decided to cut her out), formerly exclusive to RoS owners, now available to classic owners as well. Jahzia - that’s her name - offers Nephalem equipment customization services. Aside from purely cosmetic modifications (like transmogrification and dye vendoring) she provides the player with access to the powerful enchanting system. The said mechanic allows for rerolling specific properties of set items and those with rarity class of rare or higher. Only one feature can be rerolled at a time, with no warranty that roll will yield better stats, the way it goes it can as well be worse or the same. However, players aren’t obliged to choose undesired ones, although no matter their choice, gold will be deducted from their pouch. You can reroll the traits as long as you have sufficient funds, with price growing incrementally although not in parallel - some affixes are worth more than the others (this usually is based on their rarity). Rerolling is limited to the same category of affix, i.e., primary property rerolled for primary property and secondary property for secondary property. 


Sadly, Jahzia doesn’t have any overarching story; she’s just found trapped by players in Westmarch and follows Nephalem since then.


Kanai’s Cube

Mystical artifact designed by Zoltun Kulle and forged in flames and magic by Horadirm. Due to its evil powers, the latter at some point based all of their endeavors around it, effectively becoming highly dependent on it. At some point in time, Horadrim decided that Cube’s powers were too overwhelming for anyone to tackle with and Cube is bound to be hidden from the world both for the sake of containing its influence and ensuring that none of the Evil forces of Sanctuary world would lie its hand on it. Barbarian folk at Mount Arreat were entrusted with this task, although Cube’s designer - Kulle - was opposing such course of action, however decision was made, and nothing could be done about it. Cube was safely stored under barbarians custody, buried under Sescheron city for years, and such state of things would last probably forever or at least long enough for people to forget about it, if not for the Baal’s Army of Destruction which invaded the city, killed every single one of its denizens and razed what was left. Luckily this proved to be all in all positive turn of fate as Cube’s last guardian and its namesake - Kanai - was forever bound to keep vigil at said artifact as a vengeful wraith, because of the destruction of the Worldstone and sundering of Mount Arreat barred him from peaceful transition into the void. Players, with a little help of his ghostly friend - Zultan himself - prove themselves as a legendary Nephalems and thus convince Kanai to pass them Cube. 


The Cube was introduced in patch  2.3.0 alongside Ruins of Sescheron zone and few other features. It’s a successor to Horadric Cube, known to players from Diablo II, although it expands former’s functionality quite substantially, as Horadric Cube use was limited to manipulating Primal Energies of items. This time however players have opportunity to also destroy legendary grade items in order to pass their unique (orange) effects on themselves, covert gems and materials, open portals to Treasure Realm and Not a Cow Level, reroll affixes on legendary items, convert set items (although limited to the bounds of the same set), upgrade rare items to legendary ones and lift skill requirements of items.


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Diablo 3 has been released in 2012, it's now availableon all the most popular platforms: PC, PS 3, PS 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It's a great game, but it can get a bit mundane when you are trying to max those paragon levels, item stats, and such. Collecting legendary gems and ancient or primal gear may seem like fun and all, although it’s real pain to the pinky (likes of when table leg throws a critical success on defending against your foot, and the ache seems so wrong that you wish you were a better person throughout your past life, since it’s fatal this time, seriously, if it wasn’t then what is all that torment about?) and after a while, you realize that Diablo 3 is your job, and despite being categorized as a “video game entertainment”, at this point it’s not enjoyable at all, what’s more, it’s painstakingly simplistic and surprise-proof. To make everything worse (hey it’s grimdark setting, the only way is down, figuratively and literally) it seems that hack and slash game loops are highly addictive due to their heavy focus on progress and somewhat akin to slot machine drop mechanics, so players are getting hooked on this devious spiral even if they really want to live their life like a regular human being, attend work, care about their significant others and all this day-to-day underappreciated stuff.


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