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Diablo 3 Items

Get the most powerful Diablo 3 items at MMOAuctions! Get the best Set and Legendary items thanks to the services available at our site. You can’t trade these tiers of items in a conventional way, but don’t worry - the sellers found a reliable way of acquiring items for their customers. Buy Diablo 3 items today!


Buy Diablo 3 items - The best offers

Diablo 3 is definitely a gear-reliant game. To become one of the best players, you will have to acquire some powerful pieces of equipment. Playing Diablo 3 you will loot thousands or even millions of items, but it will be a lot of junk and not that many real pearls.


Even the best skill and game sense might not be enough without proper equipment. Buy Diablo 3 items and become strong enough to play through even the most difficult content. It’s also a great way of catching up to gamers who simply have the possibility of playing more.


Sometimes your favorite build gets nerfed to the ground and you have to completely change your playstyle. Or maybe you just feel like trying something else, but without the necessity to grind. You can accelerate this process by getting items at MMOAuctions. Buying Diablo 3 gear is also a great method of getting a strong start in a new season.


Grinding the whole Armor Sets and the well-rolled Legendaries can take you a lot of hours and then you will still be able to progress your gear even further with Ancient and Primal items. Not everybody has the time to do that, but the equipment you can get is really great.


Luckily, you can just hire professional Diablo 3 boosters to help you with that. Save tons of time and gear up extremely quickly thanks to the products and services that you can find at MMOAuctions! Buy Diablo 3 items now!


D3 items tradability issues

With the introduction of the Reaper of Souls in 2014, Blizzard made it so the Set and Legendary items became almost untradeable. The only people you can trade them with, are the ones who were members of your party when the item dropped and only for a short window of time.


That means that, unlike many other MMORPGs, Diablo 3 doesn’t really have a great player-driven economy. Legendary and Set are the only worthwhile weapons and armor pieces and you can’t sell or buy them through an in-game transaction with another player.


At the same time, plenty of these powerful elements of gear are useful to only a single class. Blizzard implemented some ways for players not to get stuck with useless items that they can’t even trade.


One of them is a smart loot. Simply speaking, it significantly increases the chance of looting items that are viable for the class of the characters that are in the farming party at that moment. This makes the number of useless items you get much smaller and increases the chance of getting exactly the equipment that you want.


Some features that make getting the right items easier have also been added to the game. One of them is the Kadala Gambling Service. You can spend Blood Shards to get random unidentified items. The chance of getting a Set or Legendary item is not that great, but at least the Smart Loot kicks in every time.


The other great thing to get the items easier is Kanai’s Cube. It has multiple options for helping you acquire the optimal equipment. One of them being a Skill of Nilfur – Convert Set Item. This way you can pay some materials to turn you’re a set item into another part of that set. For instance, if you had two pairs of gloves belonging to the same set, you can convert one of them and hopefully, you’ll get a set piece that you’re missing.


Using Kanai’s Cube you can also upgrade a rare (yellow) item into a Set or Legendary item. This option is called Hope of Cain and it’s significantly more expensive, but if you have enough mats in the storage, you can use them to actually get something out of the rare items.


We’re going to talk about one more Kunai’s Cube option. It’s called Law of Kulle – Reforge Legendary Item. It will grant you the same item (if you reforge Boj Anglers, you’re going to get Boj Anglers) but it will reroll their statistics. There will also be a chance of making the item Ancient or Primal.


As you can see there are plenty of features that compensate for the lack of conventional trading. Now let’s take a look at how the sellers use them to make the Legendary and Set items trading work!


How do you buy Diablo 3 items?

The item trading in Diablo 3 could also be called a boosting service. The way it works is like this: the buyer joins the seller’s party. Then they go together and farm in some really difficult locations (actually the seller is farming, the buyer just follows them and gets all the drops). The amount of things that you can get with Diablo 3 gold is pretty limited, but the great loot is extremely valuable. 


To make use of the Smart Loot feature, the buyer and the seller should play the same class. This ensures that the customer will get the most items suitable for their class. The offers can specify the amount of Greater Rifts runs, the farming time or the number of Legendary and Set items that you’re guaranteed to get for your money. A good boost can provide you with great loot in a few Greater Rift runs. To get those items by yourself you would have to grind for long hours or even the the whole day!


Another method of getting the items is account sharing. You can pay the service provider to play on your account until they get the desired items. It might be a good option if you don’t have much time, but in general self-play is much safer. Both from scammers and from detection by Blizzard.


After you get a lot of the Legendary and Set items, you can use some of the Kanai’s Cube features to finish off your build. Convert Set Items to get the full armor sets and reforge your newly acquired gear to try and get Ancient and Primal equipment.


You can get much more than the tons of powerful gear. Some other loot from the typical runs are various crafting materials, Blood Shards, Legendary Gems, Greater Rift Keystones, and gold.


Before buying Diablo 3 items, you definitely should unlock ancient/primal gear on your character. To do that, you have to complete a solo run of level 70 Greater Rift. This way you’ll get a chance of obtaining even more valuable loot! They don’t drop that often, but hey – you might get lucky.


Buy cheap Diablo 3 Items now!

Before placing an order make sure that you’re looking at an offer that’s appropriate for your region and your platform. If everything checks out, contact the seller and set up the payment and delivery. If you’re playing on hardcore, read the offer carefully, because some of them are only available on softcore, normal mode Diablo 3. Furthermore, don’t forget to tell the vendor whether you’re interested in the seasonal or no season mode. Search through the offers to select the best seller and the cheapest price. At MMOAuctions you can buy Diablo 3 virtual goods and plenty of different types of content associated with many different games. 


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All you need to register is an email address or a Facebook or Twitter account! After a simple and quick sign-up proccess, you can log in and post your own offers! To keep all the online trading as secure as possible, we used long years of our experience to create a tool called Scam Killer. It’s a database that collects the contact information of people who scammed others before. We recommend to check all your potential trading partners in the Scam Killer to stay safe while trading online.


Tips on Diablo 3 Items

If you’re trying to gear up as fast as possible, buying items is a great option, but to accelerate it, even more, you should definitely farm bounties. Completing all the bounties of an act will reward you with a Large Horadric Cache. It’s essentially a loot box that can contain various items, gold, Blood Shards, blacksmithing plans, gems, Death’s Breath and other crafting materials.


The most reliable way of getting full sets, as well as Ancient/Primal items, is making full use of Kunai’s Cube. To convert and/or reforge tens or even hundreds of weapons you’re going to need a huge amount of materials. Some sellers may provide the service of getting you Ancient or Primal items, but it will surely take more time and cost more money. Farming those materials and then using the tools that Diablo 3 offers is a great way of turning you Legendaries in something even more powerful!


For every use of the Law of Kulle – Reforge Legendary, you’re going to need: 1 Legendary Item, 5x Khandurran Rune, 5x Caldeum Nightshade, 5x Arreat War Tapestry, 5x Corrupted Angel Flesh, 5x Westmarch Holy Water and 50x Forgotten Soul.


The skill of Nilfur – Convert Set Item, requires 1 Set Item, 10x Forgotten Soul and 10x Death’s Breath.


To use Hope of Cain – Upgrade Rare Item, you will need 1 level 70 Rare Item, 25x Death’s Breath, 50x Reusable Part, 50x Arcane Dust, and 50x Veiled Crystal.


You can get plenty of those materials (alongside the Legendary and Set items) from killing Rift Guardians and finishing Greater Rifts. Some of them will also drop in plenty of other locations.


Another thing is spending your Blood Shards. We already mentioned Kadala, but it’s really important to keep it in mind. Remember, you’re going to collect some Blood Shards during your gaming time anyway, letting them just lie in your inventory is not going to help you with gearing up. Spending them at the gambling service grants your extra items, some of them will be Legendary. If you’re lucky, you might even receive an Ancient or Primal piece of equipment straight up!


All types of Diablo 3 items

Diablo 3 characters have 8 armor, 3 jewelry and 2 weapon slots (main hand and off-hand). The slots in which you can equip pieces of armor are:


Head – Helms are available to all the classes, but there three exclusive types of headgear. Wizards have Wizard Hats, Witch Doctors can wear Voodo Masks and Monks can use Spirit Stones.

Torso – Chest Armors can be equipped by every class, Demon Hunter has access to the only exclusive type – Cloak

Legs – Every class has access to leg armors or pants, no exclusives here

Feet – Similarly, everybody gets Boots

Shoulders – all characters have access to Pauldrons

Wrists – every class can wear Bracers or Armlets

Hands – the same goes for Gloves and Gauntlets

Waist – every class can wear Belts, but Barbarian can equip a special type – Mighty Belt

As for the jewelry, everybody can wear an Amulet and two Rings.


Weapon slots are slightly more complicated. The two-handed weapons take up both slots, all the classes can use shields as an off-hand, but some of them can also dual wield one-handed weapons. Moreover, Crusaders get class-exclusive Crusader Shields. Meanwhile, quivers can be equipped alongside bows, crossbows and hand crossbows (the hand crossbows also have the possibility to be dual-wielded).


All the weapon types in Diablo 3 are:


One-handed: Sword, Dagger, Axe, Mace, Spear, Ceremonial Knife (Witch Doctor class weapon), Fist Weapon (exclusive for Monk), Flail (only for Crusader), Scythe (Necromancer class weapon), Mighty Weapon (Barbarian exclusive), Hand Crossbow (Demon Hunter weapon) and Wand (Wizard-only weapon).


Two-handed weapons: Sword, Axe, Mace, Staff, Polearm, Bow, Crossbow, Daibo (exclusive for Monk), Scythe, Flail, and Mighty Weapon


There are 5 quality tiers of Diablo 3 items: Common, Magic, Rare, Set and Legendary. The first three become completely obsolete really quickly. You’re going to want to either have a full specific set, for the special bonuses it gives for having multiple items, or well-rolled legendaries for the best flat stats and bonuses.


Both the Set and the Legendary items have a chance of being Ancient or Primal for even more power. These are extremely rare though and getting them might be quite a challenge. Like in it’s predecessor, items in Diablo3 are randomly generated to an extent. That means that even if you receive the Legendary sword that you were waiting for, you might still get unlucky with a bad RNG. That’s why it’s important to properly use the Kunai’s Cube, especially its reforging feature.


Diablo 3

Diablo 3 is the next installment in the popular, legendary hack’n’ slash game series and the first one that focuses so heavily on the multiplayer online gameplay. Players can slay giant hordes of mobs and collect absurd amounts of various items along the way.


Players can pick their characters from seven playable classes: Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, Wizard, Crusader, and Necromancer. There’s also a lot of room for personal preference. You can choose one of the meta builds that you can find in guides, modify it or even create your own builds that will make you enjoy the game the most.


The level cap is 70, but players can continue their progression in the endgame, as they receive higher paragon levels. Every paragon level lets players continue to develop their character and put more points into their statistics even after getting to the level cap. Players return to the game again and again to compete during new seasons or just to relax in the non-seasonal mode.


There are also various different build for all the classes. You will always have multiple viable ways of piloting your character, placing more emphasis on certain strengths and parts of their skill set. At the same time, if you want to use all those different playstyles, you’re probably going to need multiple gear options.


This is where the item-collecting aspect of Diablo 3 game kicks in. Getting optimal equipment for a single playstyle is a challenge by itself and then there are other interesting builds for the same characters. Of course, other classes also have a lot to offer, you might want to try them out and Smart Loot makes it really difficult to efficiently collect items for another class.


At the same time, there will be new seasons and balance changes. Balance team will sometimes hit a certain build with a nerf that seems a bit too hard. This basically forces players to find another playstyle. Nobody wants to be stuck with an underpowered character. This often means the necessity of acquiring whole new Set Armors, as well as, Primal, Ancient or at least Legendary weapons.


Rifts and Greater Rifts are one of the Diablo 3 trademarks. They’re basically short, randomly generated dungeons that have various difficulty levels. Every time you will get a different area and map, as well as monsters and even bosses! Truly, you can never step in the same Rift twice.


Players can choose whether they want to play in the normal or hardcore mode. If you choose the latter, your character’s death will mean losing the whole progression and you will have to create another one and start the Diablo 3 grind all over again. It’s definitely not targeted at every player, but if you need an extra shot of adrenaline while gaming, this might be great for you.


The game is continuously growing. Blizzard is adding new patches and updates to keep the players interested. The game isn’t really story-driven at all, but it’s a great option for the fans of the hack and slash genre.


Destroy whole armies of enemies in Diablo 3! Get straight to the top thanks to Diablo 3 items that you can buy at MMOAuctions!