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Diablo 3 Bots & Cheats

Check the best Diablo 3, Cheat Hacks and Bot offers. Diablo 3 is a hack'n'slash action role-playing game developed and published in 2012 by Blizzard Entertainment. You can choose from six character classes which are rage-fueled Barbarian, noble Crusader, dexterous Demon Hunter, zealous Monk, unholy Necromancer, spiritual Witch Doctor and wise Wizard. It's an expansion providing players with 5th act, new character class and number of new items, monsters and features. Diablo 3's plot takes place in Sactuary - dark fantasy world of the Diablo series, twenty years after prequels story. The game consists of 4 acts, each ended by powerful bosses with last, 4th one, called Diablo. Looking for D3 Hacks and D3 Bot? You are in the right place! Here on MMOAuctions you can put D3 Hacks or D3 Bot offer in less than 60 seconds! You can also find offers from players all around the world and check if they are trustworthy by putting their data into Scamkiller!


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Why would you want to do it though?

As we will prove shortly, Diablo III boasts plentitude of content, generally, players shouldn’t complain about the quantity of stuff to do although its quality quits the flat in shame and silence at dawn, leaving us seriously in doubt about our life choices. Like you know, maybe you shouldn’t spend 48 hours over the course of last week just to farm that one low-resolution icon that boosts your stats by 5%. That’s when bots and hacks step in - just leave the legwork to scripts and then start reaping fruits of machine labor. But first, let’s quickly go over with what we are dealing here.


Diablo 3 - the long-awaited third installment in Diablo video game series - is an expansive hack and slash commercial success, developed and published by gamedev giant and living legend Blizzard. Met with overwhelmingly positive reception, it has developed a fanatic cult following over the years, and for a good reason though. The game is currently available for PC and console players, as it can be played on Windows, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS 3 and Nintendo Switch. The game underwent some changes since its release in 2012 (RIP health potions) and now, the live version has a clear identity as the neverending hack and slash that can be played in seasons or in the everlasting non-season mode. 


Blizzard gave players what they loved in predecessors - constant progress and sprawling randomly generated dungeons, effectively making Diablo 3 endless experience - and combined it with quality of life improvements, new classes, new challenges, engaging story, new mechanical concepts and lastly - never-ending Adventure Mode with seasonal system of tasks and special in-game rewards. Although PvP is tad bit limited and any real competitive play is held via seasonal ladder, the sheer amount of PvE content should appease even the pickiest of picky naggers. The third party software can run around the map, farm gold or items to equip, advance your low level character (even from level 1) and do much other useful things! You can also get a chest-opening bot. You can find plenty of guides, tips and tricks to improve your farming (goblins for instance), but nothing will work as well as good third party software.


Single-player experience consists of two game modes - Story and Adventure. Former is centered around learning the ropes of the selected class, uncovering the story, gathering artisans and powerful artifacts for the future exploits. The latter, designed for players whose characters reached level cap is Diablo 3’s endgame proper. Divided into four categories of activities, ensured that Diablo 3 players worldwide clocked an insane amount of time played. In the story mode players have the chance to play through some really interesting quests like Legacy of Cain and fight multiple well-designed enemies, like Captain Daltyn, Azmodan or Diablo himself. You can also get a follower to help you in your campaign - the available ones are: Enchantress, Scoundrel and Templar. Let’s put Story Mode aside (we will talk about it in due time) and look closer at endgame features since it’s actually the reason everybody bought the game.


Before we go deeper into it, we have to establish some kind of structure that will make that quite complex system less convoluted. So as we’ve said in the last paragraph - there are four types of endgame modes in Diablo 3, namely - Nephalem Rifts, Greater Rifts, Challenge Rifts, and Bounties. 


The latter is the easiest one to cover - Bounties are simply weekly tasks that utilize story content and makes players track back to completed zones - Acts I through V - in order to clear pack of mobs, kill bosses, hunt for unique or superunique enemies and lastly - participate in special World Events. Rewards are unique weapons and other rare items, although they reign supreme as a source of crafting materials and thus coupled with Nephalem Rifts comprise farming dynamic duo.


Challenge Rifts are similar to Bounties in that they are rotated on a weekly basis, but instead of backtracking already existing content, players are faced with a unique challenge - every week snapshot of someone’s Rift playthrough is taken and put up the public for players to beat said person’s time in that particular Rift instance. The challenge here lies in the way how players are supposed to achieve victory - not only is the Rift layout snapshotted but all of the equipment, skills, basically you are thrown into action with an unfamiliar build and expected to beat original completion time. If players succeed to do so, they are awarded stash of various items. This can be done only once a week. 


Nephalem Rifts and Greater Nephalem Rifts (rifts and grifts, respectively) are a different kind of beast, thought out as a source of constant challenge and engagement they are more akin to quick challenges, rewarding with powerful items, paragon score points, and materials needed for crafting and upgrades. Storywise, Nephalem - player character - after beating Evil forces’ brains out in base game main quest and then stopping an invasion of Heaven in Reaper of Souls, instead of giving up on his/hers crusade, decided to bring the war to the alternate realities of Sanctuary world. 


Nephalem Rifts are as players call them “normal” rifts that are generally randomly generated multi-leveled dungeons filled with trash and culminating in the boss encounter - Rift Warden. Nephalem Rifts have higher Legendary items drop chance and thus are a great spot for farming them, as well as Ancient and Primal gear (although those are very rare, and drop once per hundreds of kills). Upon beating the Rift players have chance of dropping Greater Rift Token, required for - obviously - getting access to Greater Rifts, which are covered down below. Nephalem Rifts are only accessible via Nephalem Obelisk, available in Adventure Mode.


Greater Rifts are variations on Nephalem Rifts concept, aimed at powerful endgame players, confident enough to face the greatest challenges. As well as Nephalem, Greater Rifts are randomly generated and multi-leveled, however, no loot is dropped as Greater Rifts were designed as proving grounds where players can race against the clock, trying to clear them as quickly as possible. Once players reach certain kill count threshold, Greater Rift Guardian boss spawns, killing which awards legendary gems and Greater Rift Key that is used for progression in Greater Rifts system. Greater Rift Keys are used to access higher-level tiers of maps. Players can also utilize their gold in order to further increase Greater Rift difficulty level as higher tier Greater Rifts reward players with better odds of upgrading legendary gems. Speedclearing Greater Rifts is one of the best ways of farming in Diablo 3. That being said, they're randomly generated - everytime you enter, it's going to be a different location.


As you see, the endgame is all about repeating randomly generated dungeons in adventure mode, slowly progressing through difficulty system either solo or with friends, crafting better items. There also are some fun hidden locations, similar to the legendary Diablo 2 cow level. For example, if players manage to get their hands on Leoric's Shinbone, they can craft a Staff of Herding and get transported to Whimsyshire and farm Liquid Rainbow. Some endgame content like Nephalem rifts can be beaten even during leveling by those bold enough to look for anything that’s going to give them an upper hand in the war against primordial evil. In order to boost their progress, players can gamble - acquired along the way - blood shards for equipment upgrades or make use of fairly complex but not over ours heads artisans system which requires its own section, and that’s what’s coming up next.



Ever thought about learning the trades of olden days, trying to surf on the wave of the sudden popularity of craftsmanship? Well if Diablo 3 was something to measure anything by, or at least base important life-changing decisions on, becoming a lowly smith would probably your best bet, as player’s personal blacksmith - Haedrig - being random, fresh out of apprenticeship journeyman, asks us for quite substantial amounts of gold in exchange for his services. That really makes you think. To be fair, Haedriig is quite skilled craftsman, no ordinary smith could repair, reforge and hone all the weird, eerie stuff that players bring to him, it may be not far from the truth to say that some unnatural forces are guiding his hands, whether it’s because he is helping the Nephalem or just to make up for his tragic fate. Nevertheless, let’s talk business.



As said earlier - Haedrig Eamon - our own friendly neighborhood blacksmith follows us around Story and Adventure mode, keeping our blades sharp and plates impenetrable. It will remain shrouded by mystery why on earth would he do so as we are killers of his beloved wife, no matter the fact she was horribly affected by walking dead curse, we believe that doesn’t constitutes good enough circumstances for any kind of discharge bargains, although it seems that Haedrig believes the opposite. Maybe he wasn’t happy with her to begin with, after all it was hers idea to settle in Tristram. Nevertheless, Haedrig is always eager to repair stuff for us, salvage gear if we wish so and craft weapons and armors of varying degrees of awesomeness, depending on how much money we have decided to invest in his blacksmithing pyramid scheme (seriously upgrading his workshop is god awful expensive).



Whacky man of the hour (or actually the good 1000+ hours you are going to spend playing), party animal, wanderer, wench charmer (but only those who serve goddesses of fertility and good times), singer of songs, possibly god - Covetous Shen. First met stuck in a barrel inside rotting, vermin-infested, reeking of sudden yet painful death sewers. Without bat of an eye Nephalem sees through his voluptuous, oaky shell that he apparently uses as either cover or grimdark, literal protection against the evil forces scattered throughout the Sanctuary world, which would cease his carefree existence with pleasure as being happy and generally positive person without any tragic backstory is strictly forbidden in a world haunted by physical manifestations of unnamed, destructive powers which sole goal is to institute a new world order. Also, he has a grudge with a demon that he strives to settle, that too may be a good reason to look for any defense measure possible. From writing point of view he plays a crucial role of comic relief and overall source of lightheartedness in the game, although we are still talking Diablo 3 here, where Prime Evils are walking the earth, so obligatory serious overtones dictate that he has to have some kind of very important and mysterious past, which he hints all the time (actually he can’t stop talking about it, but of course secrets must remain secrets, so he convolutes his story in vague statements and provocative comments, teasing Nephalem to force it out of him, as any good gossiper with important secret to bear would do), thus after some facts rearrangements and bit of speculation, players came to conclusion that he’s probably trickster god or is - to say the least - uncannily related to him. 


Valuable asset in player’s team as he can easily create jewelry, combine gems or carefully unsocket gems from Nephalem’s equipment.



Your staple wartimes salaryman craftswoman, Myriam Jahzia was introduced by Blizzard as a mystic NPC. She doesn’t have any real history fleshed out, all we know about her can be condensed into a simple sentence - she was minding her own business, the war came so she fled in pursuit of better future. If she was a dwarf, she would be considered renowned, wealthy and generally successful person due to her stout posture, and ability makes use of virtually anything that players bring to her, no matter how bloodthirsty, greedy and eldritch demons possess or has cursed that particular object. She, of course, demands to be paid handsomely for her round the clock faultless services, but hey, most people wouldn’t even consider looking at some of the stuff that Nephalem dug out of a pile of horrendously mutilated corpses. Myriam can reroll affixes on magical items for you as well as help player with huge chunk of gold that’s burdening your sack unnecessarily.


Kanai’s Cube

Not a person to be exact, although aside from player two other people are affiliated with it - Kanai, the namesake, and its designer - Zultan - eager to help the player find said Cube. Both are - of course - restless spirits with their fates bound to the Cube, as per proper grimdark setting traditions. So Cube, as stated earlier, was designed by Zultan and forged by Horadrim (the same ones responsible for the creation of Horadrim’s Cube), then buried underneath Sescheron due to its overwhelmingly overpowered magical properties. Once found by the player character it serves as handy device used to reroll legendaries, upgrade rare items, extract special (orange) properties from legendaries in order to provide the player with passive effects, convert materials, gems, and set items. Most importantly though it can open portals to Not a Cow Level (and Treasure Realm too, but who would care about that). It was added in 2.3.0 patch alongside its place of burial - Ruins of Sescheron - and appropriate quest, as part of Blizzard’s plan to infinitely extend game content, or at least make us believe that there’s more to the game than just repeating Rifts in endless strive for higher item stats (there isn’t).


Player versus player mode

Okay, there are no reasons to beat the dead horse so let’s say it outright - PvP in Diablo 3 is non-existent, mostly due to Blizzard’s conscious decision to resign from developing it past basic duel and free for all modes. Game designers state that they did it (or maybe it would be more precise to say that they “didn’t do it”) for the sake of balance and focusing on single-player  gameplay - Blizzard states that more robust, competitive PvP system would affect Story and Adventure modes since they would have to remove some of the more flashy skills. Although no explanation is given why they wouldn’t just make two separate skill sets (this was done successfully by competitors). Either way the current state of PvP won’t change, and as such should be treated as a casual mode, aimed for dueling with friends and random people, it’s not bad but it’s not great either, it kind of feels like game would benefit from mode dedicated to those looking up for something more challenging than the usual Rift routine.


There are no rewards - we mean it - for participating in PvP apart from a general feeling of accomplishment after defeating the particularly good player.


Difficulty levels

Diablo 3 sports several difficulty levels, first few of them are your usual Diablo set of Normal, Hard, Expert and Master, with monster stats scaling to the chosen level. What’s new are Torments - introduced to battle ever-rising player stats, these are staggered challenge levels, going up to sixteen, tactical requirements of encounters don’t change though, so it’s mostly to cater to needs of hardcore players.


So that crudely wraps up what players can do in Diablo 3 but we haven’t said yet how gameplay translates onto your experience, its comfort and why boting might be an opportunity to enjoy the game the most. It's a way to unlock the most interesting stuff and leave the boring and mundane to bots. You can try and get through the Tristam Cathedral by yourself or try and complete the Feat of Strength achievements, and skip the repetitive grinding - you can leave it to the autoplay software. They can farm gold or epxerience for you, when you're taking a break from the game and doing other stuff!


Considering buying bots and hacks

And here we are, again pondering whether it’s economically feasible and reasonable in terms of time investment (see, they call this classical text structure, that’s how we roll at MMOAuctions - the ancient, monocled way) to farm primal gear and legendary gems on your own. Well, we won’t tell you what should you think - we are no propaganda bureau - although some say that time spent on actually enjoying the gameplay and getting the most fun off your character is insignificant in comparison to countless gaming hours spent in Great Rifts going through heaps of mobs for that one gem. So go figure. Just remember, you can always find Diablo 3 Cheats and Bots at our website! Remember to visit our blog from time to time, so you can find and read an interesting news article or a guide. Sign up to MMOAuctions, enter our marketplace for gamers and start trading today - you can earn some quick money this way! 


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