Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Guide - Become a shadow itself

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Guide
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Diablo III demon hunter build and guide

Welcome to MMOAuctions starter guide to Demon Hunter class in Diablo 3 updated for season 19. With this article, you will learn about Demon Hunters - who they are, what builds you should choose before Torment difficulty, and everything you need to know to get there easily. It is not by any means a guide with all secrets about endgame but a text which is intended to make your early or mid-game journey a breeze. Follow the table below to get started.

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Table of contents:

Class Description


The Build

Skills and Runes

Build Elaboration

Passive Abilities

Statistic Priorities


Legendary Items

Paragon Points


Frequently Asked Questions


Class description

diablo 3 demon hunter guide character

Demon Hunter is, without a doubt, a title that sounds glorious. But who are they? Well, it would not be honest to tell you that they are men and women who fight against evil forces to free humanity from shackles. Demon Hunters are known for their abilities to deal with most dangerous enemies, and that is indeed how they earned this name. However, they are not flawless. Some people tend to call them bandits and guerrillas who go after what they desire without looking behind.

They use various tools to deceive their opponents, maneuver them into traps, and disappear into smoke that comes from special grenades. Among their armament, you can find an extensive arsenal of weapons, including shrapnel, smoke clouds, explosives, snares, and their favorite - crossbows. It is the Demon Hunters weapon of choice they carry at all times. Quick, responsive, and extremely deadly. Bolts travel at tremendous speed, shredding everything that stands in the way. They do not fear death as they are familiar with it. They have seen it on the streets and in their long-abandoned homes. Extremely agile and trained to perfection in movement. They know how to step to avoid the danger while striking down their enemies from a safe distance, and they are fast while doing so if you are looking for a class that is quick and deadly than Demon Hunter should be a perfect fit for you.


diablo 3 demon hunter guide login screen

Demon Hunters are the most agile of all classes in the game. It means that it is the best class to farm items with and level up in general. You can quickly get through the content with the power of flashy skills, jumps, dashes, and turrets. In the late game, when you are farming easier content, you can also just place a Sentry and quickly go to the next pack resulting in the quickest possible clears. As for gameplay on regular difficulty, you will be trying to keep enemies at a distance. Even though you are a lethal killing machine, you will still need to avoid damage. You are as squishy as it gets, so make sure also to be evasive. Another reason to do that lies in your passive called Steady Aim, which will grant you a bonus to the damage as long as you will stay out of enemy melee range.

With Evasive Fire, you should be able to generate Hatred easily, and Hardened rune will make sure to keep you safe when you most need it. Chakrams are the safe and efficient spender which deal with great Area of Effect damage. Sentry with Spitfire Turrets can be left behind to clear out already hurt monsters or placed aggressively to lower down Elites and Rares. With Vault, you should be able to dash away from any danger quickly. Companion is taken just to bolster your damage furthermore and Preparation to make sure that you won't miss Hatred when you need it the most.

The Build

diablo 3 demon hunter guide abilities

The build revolves around using Evasive Fire to generate Hatred and Twin Chakrams to spend it on bigger monster packs. On top of that, you have mechanics like Sentry and Companion, which will be there to deal damage simultaneously to your character. Vault will let you escape from danger in tough situations, and Preparation is taken to save you from the cases where you lack much-needed Hatred. In general, the build is very easy to play and safe explanatory. You should have no problems with resource management and Hatred generation, which will allow you to deal with high amounts of pressure on your enemies constantly. With two defensive abilities, you won't have a hard time surviving, and additional summons can deal damage when you need to run.

Skills and Runes

diablo 3 demon hunter guide build

Evasive Fire with Hardened - Hatred generator with a little armor boost on the rune.

Chakram with Twin Chakrams - Great Area of Damage resource spender.

Sentry with Spitfire Turret - Another Hatred spender that allows you to place immobile damage-dealing summons.

Vault with Tumble - Your primary movement ability.

Companion with Wolf Companion - A damage-dealing pet with a buff that increases your own attack damage.

Preparation with Punishment - Quick one-tap resource restoration.

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Build Elaboration

Evasive Fire will be our Hatred generator. Although almost every other skill in this slot could fill this role, Evasive Fire with Hardened rune offers an amazing 25% Armor bonus and allows you to backflip, avoiding some of the incoming damage. Its defensive purposes are unmatched, and because Demon Hunters might struggle with health, this is an opportunity to fix that.

Chakram is, on the other hand, your primary resource spender. With Twin Chakrams Rune, you will be able to shoot two powerful Area of Damage abilities at the same time - both of them dealing fire damage instead of physical. It is incredibly resource-efficient, meaning that you will be able to do with it the most damage out of Demon Hunter skills. Spines of the Seething Hatred, as well as Cindercoat, also synergize very well with the fire element that comes from Twin Chakrams Rune.

Sentry with Spitfire Turret will quickly prove to be as effective as Witch Doctor pets or Necromancer's Skeletal Mages. Although it is a static summon, it will still help you tremendously with clearing waves. On top of that, it shares the same element as Twin Chakrams, which means that you can also synergize it with the same legendary items.

Vault is taken to ensure that our character stays away from harm at all times. Since Demon Hunters are glass cannons that can be shattered by a single blow, you want to avoid damage whenever you can. As Tumble rune helps with managing Discipline, it is one of the most cost-efficient movement abilities for this class.

A companion will be an easy way for you to improve the damage without spending much-needed Hatred. From level 29, Bat Companion will be the best choice since he generates passive Hatred, but as soon as you hit 59, make sure to pick Wolf Companion for a slight damage boost that he provides.

Preparation is yet another tool at your disposal, helping with your resource management. With one click, you will be able to restore 75 Hatred by taking Punishment rune. Even though Discipline generation is also essential, Hatred is the leading resource that you will need for your Chakram casts. Make sure always to prioritize it to maximize DPS.

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Passive Abilities

Steady Aim - Allows you to deal an additional 20% damage to enemies who are further away than 10 yards from you. Since Demon Hunters tend to keep the distance from their foes, this passive will often be active, and you can benefit from it quite a lot.

Blood Vengeance - Increases maximum Hatred by 25 and allows Health Globes to recover this resource by 30. On top of that, you will gain 3 Discipline every time you pick up Health Globe. Amazing passive, which will quickly rise to be the most useful one in your toolkit. It will help tremendously with your resource management, and more of both Discipline and Hatred means better DPS in the long run.

Tactical Advantage - Your escape abilities like Vault provide an additional boost of 60% movement speed for 2 seconds. More movement means faster clearing, better farming, and an overall more enjoyable experience.

Custom Engineering - Adds one more Sentry to your toolkit and extends its duration by 100%. Since you will be using your portable towers a lot, this will prove to be very useful.

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Statistic priorities

As you will find many different pieces of gear during your journey to Sanctuary, you need to know how to decide whether they are useful or not. It is hard to estimate which pieces are better than others when you are a new player, but it can be done with a little help. Below we have described which statistics you should look for during gearing up. Try to find pieces with statistics provided on the left side as those are the most important, and after that, look for those further to the right.

  • Helmet - Dexterity > Socket > Crit Chance > Vitality

  • Bracers - Dexterity > Crit Chance > Elemental Damage > Vitality

  • Pants - Dexterity > Sockets > Vitality > All Resistance

  • Rings - Socket > Crit Chance > Crit Damage > Vitality

  • Shoulders - Dexterity > Vitality > All Resistance > Area Damage

  • Gloves - Dexterity > Crit Chance > Crit Damage > Vitality

  • Boots - Dexterity > Movement Speed > Vitality > Skill Damage

  • Weapons - Weapon Damage > Dexterity > Sockets > %Damage

  • Chest - Dexterity > Sockets > Vitality > All Resistance

  • Belt - Dexterity > Vitality > All Resistance > %Life

  • Amulet - Socket > Crit Chance > Crit Damage > Elemental Damage > Dexterity.


Both armor and weapon sockets that you have should be occupied by the best Emerald Stones in your possession. A helmet, you want to get a Cooldown Reduction bonus, which comes from Diamond gem. On top of that, jewelry pieces with high Crit Chance and a socket can be used for Legendary gems. If you stumble upon Bane of the Trapped, Bane of the Stricken, or Taeguk, make sure to put it into your jewelry as soon as possible.

Legendary Items

diablo 3 demon hunter guide legendary

During your journey to Torment difficulty, you won't be able to find many legendary pieces and even less of those that synergize well with a build that you are currently using. After reaching Torment, however, they will play the main part in your gameplay as you won't be able to use endgame builds without them. You want to start farming for the things you need as soon as possible, and below we have made a list of a few items that you might find very useful. Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list since describing every unique item in the game would take too long, but those items should be the best to get you started into higher Torment difficulties.


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Reaper's Wraps - are one of the best Legendary items that you can get early on. Since they can be dropped from Malthael on any difficulty, you will acquire them easily. They provide a nice bonus, which lets you recover up to 30% of your primary resource upon picking up a Health Globe. Since you will see a lot of them, this helps tremendously in resource management.

Ring of Royal Grandeur - although you won't be able to benefit from this one early on, it is the single most important unique that you can get on low Torment difficulties. It lowers the number of set pieces needed by 1 to benefit from their bonus. If a set requires you to get six parts with this ring, you will need only five and so on. As looking for the last item in a set is usually troublesome, this saves you from this pain.

Pride's Fall - is a helmet obtained in Act III cache bounties, which makes your skill cost 30% less Hatred. Since resource management will be your priority early on, this is one of the best legendaries that you can get.

Unhallowed Essence set - will be the main combination of items that you will try to find. It not only bolsters your damage but helps tremendously in resource management. Unhallowed Essence set is also a requirement for many endgames builds.

Cindercoat - As both your Chakarms and Sentries are revolving around the fire element usage, you can pair them with this legendary chest piece. Cindercoat reduces the resource cost of your fire spells for up to 30%. Cheaper abilities mean more spell casts, better damage, and quicker leveling. All that you need in one legendary.

Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan - This takes a little bit of practice as Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan increase both damage and resource generation by up to 25% when you are moving while decreasing them even by 24% as you standstill. Since Demon Hunters rely heavily on the constant movement, you will be trying to keep moving. If you can manage to do so, this will be the best legendary for your character.

Paragon points

In the Core section of paragon points, you want to invest in movement speed up to 25% - the cap for this statistic. You also want to take Dexterity, which is your primary attribute, and you might consider adding some points into Maximum Hatred if you feel like struggling with this matter. Also, if you have problems with survivability, some points in Vitality would not be a bad call. In the offense section, the focus will go to (in order) Crit Damage, Crit Chance, Cooldown Reduction, and Attack Speed. For improved Defence, you will choose All Resistance, Armor, Life %, and Life Regeneration. Last on this list is the section of Utility where Resource Cost Reduction plays the main part. After that, Area Damage, Life on Hit, and Gold Find are most important.

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Our guide is closing to an end, but this does not mean that your reading also ends here. We have many articles and guides from not only Diablo III but also other online gaming titles. If you want to check them out, you can head over to our blog page, where all of them wait for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When should I start using Legendary Gems?

As soon as you will find jewelry pieces with high Critical Chance / Damage stats and socket.


Which class in Diablo 3 is the best?

Every class is balanced and has its own strengths and weaknesses.


Is Demon Hunter the most mobile class in the game?

Yes. Demon Hunters are the fastest and only Monks can compete with their speed.


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