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The community around a game defines its quality. It also considerably influences its development, as engaged players point out bugs and throw around ideas of what can be added or improved. Undoubtedly, developers must count on their opinion if they want to succeed.

Fortunately, the developers of FootballTeam are well aware of this, and all events or competitions are organized in close cooperation with players. About 40,000 people log into the game daily, which is enough argument that they know what they are doing. What accounts for such a huge success?

Table of contents:

Develop Your Player in RPG-like Fashion

Cast your Vote

Invite Friends and Expand Your Junior Team

Become a FootballTeam Legend

Play Now!

Develop Your Player in RPG-like Fashion

Create your footballer and manage his whole career

The game begins with the creation of a virtual protégé. You specify his appearance and the position in which he will play. You are then greeted by an intuitive interface from which you can send your player to training, to work, or out on the town. Your player has a range of skills that you can invest in. 

Depending on your chosen position, you should develop skills that will match his style of play. The more proficient you are in a particular skill, the more expensive it becomes to train, just like in RPGs. In addition, your equipment also matters, as a properly chosen outfit gives huge bonuses to the skills you develop. 

Some would say it's the equivalent of a helmet, armor, shin guards, and boots. This approach means you don't have to be a soccer fan to have fun. Gameplay is intuitive, and watching your virtual athlete grow is very satisfying. 

Cast Your Vote

Cast Your Vote event

FootballTeam is updated regularly and is filled to the brim with special events. The community plays a huge role here and has a real impact on the game’s updates. Therefore, players can vote on which weekend event should appear first! Each event means a discount on training and a greater chance to get unique items, so choose well for your server.

Rules for taking part in the vote:

  • Active account.
  • At least 150 OVR.
  • Active Premium Assistant.

Invite Friends and Expand Your Junior Team

Invite friends and gain rewards

The referral program in FootballTeam generously rewards players who invite their friends using referral links. Whether you’ll end up on the same team or compete against each other, you’ll receive in-game rewards each time your friends reach a certain milestone.

Teamwork and sportsmanship are the foundation of soccer, so why don’t we help each other when climbing the ladder? That being said, go to the Junior Team, generate a link, and earn rewards for promoting the game among your friends!    

Become a FootballTeam Legend

Unikalne karty kolekcjonerskie FootballTeam

Speaking of community, the developers are uniquely rewarding the most dedicated players. The players selected by the community will receive special collector cards that will become part of the internal card game in the future. 

These are not just any cards. Each of them has unique graphics and is fully animated! At the moment, there are dozens of these cards, and their number is constantly growing. If the upcoming game does not differ in quality from the presented cards, we’re up for a real treat!

Play Now!

As you can see, FootballTeam offers a lot in terms of gameplay and community elements, and it’s only the tip of the iceberg. The players strongly impact the development here, as shown by surveys and special events. 

The game also has an international scope now! New EU and US servers have been added recently, so finding your fellow compatriots in-game is now easier than ever. Become a part of this football family and register now!    

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