The Most Anticipated Upcoming NFT Games of Next Months!

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The metaverse is on fire! The interest in collecting digital assets is the new gold fever of our times, and most NFT enthusiasts do not want to be left out of this phenomenon. Consequently, game companies and studios have mirrored this enthusiasm and created their own experiences recapping the best of digital assets, open-world settings, and NFTs conventions. 

The supply is such that it becomes difficult to distinguish the good options from the bad ones. For this reason, we've written this Upcoming NFT games article, discussing six of the most interesting NFT projects for the next months. Some have a highly favorable entry price, while others are free! 

Table of contents:

What Is an NFT Game?

Which Are the Top Upcoming NFT and Crypto Games?



Dark Country

Star Atlas

Gods Unchained

My Pet Hooligan

Final Thoughts

What Is an NFT Game?

As its name suggests, an NFT game is a gaming experience based on blockchain technology with non-fungible tokens as cornerstones of its experience. In an NFT game, players can collect digital assets, being an active part of the community to earn passive income related to sales of in-game properties, items, and collectibles. 

Most NFT games are built in a metaverse where player interactions are crucial for the functionality of economics. Besides, these games offer unique NFT-based gameplay experiences with designed mechanics in detail, and NFT items players can collect.

Which Are the Top Upcoming NFT and Crypto Games? 

Listing top NFT games is a real challenge! There are dozens and hundreds of upcoming NFT games set to release on blockchain technologies shortly. Still, we have given ourselves the task of selecting the best Upcoming play-to-earn crypto games in 2023.


Illuvium modes

Illuvium is an interesting project since it articulates a vast universe with multiple edges and approaches to gaming and social interaction. At the moment of writing, Illuvium features four games happening simultaneously in the same dimension but with different perspectives: Illuvium Overworld, Illuvium Zero, Illuvium Arena, and Illivium Beyond.

Most of Illuvium's effort and images online come from playing Overworld's open-world beta test. We've been impressed with its visual quality and concept. Images, mechanics, and ambiances we've seen remind us of the best RPGs and open-world games in the industry, where freedom to do everything you want is the cornerstone of gameplay. 

But a particular aspect differentiates Illuvium Overworld from other MMOs or RPGs in the gaming industry. In Overworld, you can collect Illuvials, creatures with particular aspects that abound in the universe of Illuvium. Therefore, Illuvium Overworld is closer to Pokemon Arceus than games like The Witcher III, WoW, Final Fantasy XIV, or similar. 

Twelve Illuvials in Illuvium

Just like Pokémon, Illuvials evolve and have a particular synergy, like Water, Fire, or Steam, and unique strengths and weaknesses. Most are deadly and trainable, so that you can use them in the Illuvium Arena. 

In this metaverse game, players known as Rangers fight each other for ETH and unique resources. This way, they win rewards to establish dominion over the lands and the seven regions in the shattered world. 

On the other hand, Illuvium Zero allows you to build infrastructure on an unknown planet where conditions are tough, but the challenge raises the spirits! Zero works similarly to RTS games, where resources management and complex industry administration are everything. In Zero, you can produce blueprints that unblock skins, materials, buildings, and other useful items you can use throughout the Illuvium universe. 

Illuvium Zero mode

The game developers thought of an interconnected world where actions you make affect and boost interactions and possibilities in the other realms. This way, Illuvials can also take the form of trading cards and accessories and participate in Beyond, the collectible card game of Illuvium. 

Several Illuvium cards

Illuvium is one of the most anticipated crypto games of the current generation offering beta versions for Overview, Arena, and Zero. Illuvium also stands out regarding digital in-game assets, selling characters as NFTs, goods, loot boxes, and more, and building its broader NFT game market, IlluviDex, where users can trade assets and integrate the crypto universe. 



PlayFootball main page

Football is the king of sports. No doubt about it! As such, it covers most cultural expressions worldwide, including video games and trading card games. The latter is, precisely, the definition of PlayFootball, a football manager video game where you manage players in trading cards as separate units with unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. 

PlayFootball reminds us of famous trading cards, such as Magic: The Gathering or The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game, where you build decks focused on a particular strategy to face your opponent. Still, a big difference between PlayFootball and the other trading card games is that it allows to develop footballers, manage their careers and improve their abilities.

Player development in PlayFootball

Like every good football game, PlayFootball allows you to set tactics, rotate your squad, and manage positions during playing according to your players and their gaming skills. But that is not all! PlayFootball includes dozens of in-game items, such as balls, uniforms, shin guards, and bands, to customize your footballers and enhance their abilities. 

Like the real-football world, PlayFootball will entail leagues, championships, PvP tournaments, NFT cups, and medals. It emanates from the spirit of the game that believes that interactions between players are the core of NFT card games. In consequence, managers will face each other with their built decks and play to earn crypto and other prizes. 

Different tournaments in PlayFootball

Another strong point of PlayFootball is the possibility of developing football infrastructure, which turns you into more than a manager. Players will fulfill the role of executives by planning facilities to boost the team's progression and the footballer’s comfort. Still, options and possibilities will depend on your budget. Some crucial infrastructure will be the team’s Stadium, the Club Building, and Accounting.

Building structures in PlayFootball

Building’s development in PlayFootball.

Infrastructures are upgradeable and can lead clubs to the highest level possible. Besides, this NFT game allows users to obtain new slots to build new installations. Buildings also work as in-game NFTs you can gain or acquire; it’s up to you! Good infrastructure will entice more fans and football lovers to your games and headquarters. 

The best of PlayFootball is that it is a 3X free NFT game. 3X free stands for a Free start beginning, a Free to Play & Earn, and Free to Access. It means you do not require a crypto wallet to play it. Thus, when discussing the best NFT games of the next months and years, we can’t miss out PlayFootball.


Dark Country

Dark Country trading card game website

When discussing and playing games related to metaverses, cryptos, and NFTs, we can find a profound similarity between most options currently in the crypto markets and the best upcoming NFT games. This likeness corresponds to the attempts to build a parallel world where conquering the land is one of the main interaction points between users and the metaverse.

A good example is Decentraland, where users acquire plots of land to explode, capitalize and customize. Still, Dark Country has appeared on the horizon, bringing a breath of fresh air to this dynamic.

Dark Country continent

The continent map.

Nowadays, playing NFT games aims at exploring a vast universe of possibilities and pieces of land where opportunities abound. In Dark Country, players can complete quests, run into adventures, and beat portal beats. These activities will allow you to farm NFT and earn rewards like cryptos and in-game goods. 

In this sense, lands assemble the in-game core since players and landlords generate a codependent relationship in which both obtain benefits, such as the Shadow Dimes currency. Renting lands and completing in-game activities also lets you earn in-game digital tokens and cards.

The Dark Country universe is divided into several continents. Each continent works with a particular blockchain technology. This way, the more continents Dark Country has, the more blockchains and opportunities for gamers. 

Dark Country world map, continent map, and land plot

Like most online or NFT games, such as Fortnite or Final Fantasy XIV, where items are classified into rarities, here lands are split between common, rare, epic, legendary, and mythical. Shadow Dimes – the in-game currency – are distributed among landowners according to the rarity of their lands and influence level. This way, the game world provides several options to improve the internal economy and leverage the play-to-earn model.

Lands also allow players to build contrasting stores, like a black market, a tailor, a tavern, or an alchemy lab. Players can craft unique items to sell and obtain the game’s token.

But we can’t forget a crucial aspect of Dark Country. It’s a digital collectible card game with a gothic horror setting. Shadow Dimes let players participate in trading card battles since they can obtain them as well as heroes and items and build a deck to face opponents.

Dark Country playing

Dark Country, the trading card game, works similarly to Magic: The Gathering or HeartStone, where cards possess different abilities and strengths to attack, defend, or develop a beneficial effect. Undoubtedly, Dark Country is one of the top upcoming  NFT games in the market.  


Star Atlas

Star Atlas main web page

Star Atlas is a nice project featuring blockchain technology, real-time immersion, multiplayer gaming, and decentralized finances.

Players can explore a vast universe in this metaverse and participate in space-armed conflict and PvP battles to control quadrants, stellar systems, planets, and their respective resources. You will fly a state-of-the-art spaceship equipped with 27th-century technology. Several spaceships exist for different purposes, like the Pearce C9 Battleship and the VZUS opod in exploration mode.

The Pearce C9 Battleship in Star Atlas

The Pearce C9 Battleship

In short, your main mission in this NFT play-to-earn crypto game is to expand into space and increase your area of influence to manage economics and be part of intergalactic prosperity. 

The vast universe contains hidden treasures, wealth corners, and secrets players must discover to get rewards, income, and other benefits. Moreover, there are three factions available that you can choose to enjoy the overall experience and this premium fantasy NFT game from three different points of view. Each faction controls a specific region of the Star Atlas universe: the ONI Region, controlled by an alien species, the Ustur Sector, controlled by sentient androids; and the MUD Territory, controlled by humankind.

The three factions in Star Atlas

The three different factions in Star Atlas. 

Regardless of the faction you select for your Star Atlas NFT gaming experience, you can customize your character by choosing between different signature styles.  

As one of the most relevant upcoming and new NFT games, Star Atlas integrates multiple items in the form of NFTs. These include space structures, spaceships, collectibles, equipment, components, avatars, and usernames.

A mining feature in Star Atlas

As a part of the universe exploration, this metaverse and blockchain game includes several activities to obtain resources and earn in-game tokens, such as mining, refining, production, technology crafting, and blueprinting. All these integrated activities help gamers to create new assets usable for piloting, the main feature of Star Atlas. 

Piloting is another large group of mechanisms that develop the economics of this crypto world and universe. Piloting activities provide rewards that are the main inputs into the game economy. Combat and Exploration are Piloting Activities that will give players ATLAS rewards and Equipment drops.  

Production and Piloting in Star Atlas

Production and Piloting trees.

Another important group of activities is overcharging mechanics. These activities involve land development, character development, and the DAO system. 

Like other NFT games, Star Atlas integrates two value tokens: ATLAS, a medium of exchange and inflationary in-game currency, and POLIS,  a revenue-bearing asset and governance token. Thanks to this latter currency, you will have a say in the destiny of this metaverse, its future, and the rules governing it. 

Star Atlas proposes several modes of economic interaction, from for-profit activities to in-game currencies and tokens for exchanging assets and amassing wealth. 

Of course, like most NFT games, Star Atlas also features an NFT marketplace to sell all the resources you got with the previous activities. You can also buy special services both in and out of the game. All items in the game are offered in the form of NFT or in-game goods you can easily get with the native token.

A poster in Star Atlas

The Last Stand Poster.

Among all the Play-to-Earn games in this list, Star Atlas introduces you to the farthest reaches of the universe and an ever-expanding metauniverse with great promise for the future. 


Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained main website

NFTs trading card games are some of the most popular NFT games, and Gods Unchained is living proof of this. Like PlayFootball, which we discussed above, God Unchained is a free-to-play and crypto-play NFT game based on collectible cards that players can freely exchange, trade, buy, and sell.

Five cards in Gods Unchained

Five different cards in Gods Unchained.

Unlike other NFT games to play in the market, Gods Unchained assures you that you boast complete ownership over in-game goods, NFTs, and items.

Consequently, you can collect cards of different rarities and build your deck to face other players or sell them in the battle market. Defeating your rivals and reaching glory will allow you to earn unique cards and use them to improve your current deck or build a new one. 

Each deck in Gods Unchained is integrated with 30 cards. Besides, each desk can have up to 2 copies of the same card. This way, strategies will result in more versatile and unthinkable gaming.

In this sense, trading cards with other players is the quintessence of Gods Unchained since good negotiations reward players with interesting units for their desks on both sides of the coin. 

Different modes in Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is not pay-to-win. Your strategy will depend directly on the cards you win and trade and how you ascend throughout the ladder of victory with your perfect deck. 

As other trading card games require, in Gods Unchained, you need to know as many cards as possible to understand the strengths and weaknesses and how they can help you build a particular tactic.

Regarding gameplay, it’s very exciting, and it differs from other NFT card games. Choose one of the six available gods: Ludia, Malissus, Thaeriel, Elyrian, Aeona, and Auros, to start with gaming.

The six gods in Gods Unchained

Then, you must pick your god power. You can only select one god power for the match, but use it in each turn. After selecting, you can shuffle your initial cards and replace them with others you prefer. 

Card battles take place in the Arena. The interface shows you the mana wheel available in that run. Each card requires a certain quantity of mana to play it.

A match in Gods Unchained

Each card has four main stats: the needed mana to play it, its health, attack power, and additional effects. Victory or defeat depends on the three latter stats since your and your opponent's cards will fight once the battle begins. If your opponent does not have cards to defend their god, your card can attack them directly. You will win the match once your opponent god’s points fall to zero.

The Tartessian Improviser in Gods Unchained

The Tartessian Improviser card.

Gods Unchained works through the $GODS tokens that can be purchased directly from the Inmutable X Marketplace using ETH or a credit card. Purchasing in-game tokens will allow you to create NFTs and buy card packs with dozens of cards. 

$GODS can also be earned by completing in-game matches and gaining challenges. However, there are also Legendary cards, which are powerful cards with unique stats and great attack or defense power. You can only have one copy of these mighty cards in your deck.

Expansions and new cards in Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained also features six available expansions, at least when writing this article. Each expansion brings new cards and trials to face other players and earn the in-game token. New cards offer new ways of playing this upcoming NFT game.  


My Pet Hooligan

My Pet Hooligan main website

Since Royale Battle games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, and other games, where people can interact in a vast universe and build a community, came to the fore, metaverses gained popularity and potential. 

A standout illustration can be found in the Fortnite metaverse – an expansive virtual realm within Epic Games' title. Here, avid players can venture into diverse scenarios and landscapes, engaging in exploration, fishing, crafting, and more. But the Fortnite universe is not the only metaverse based on a battle royale shooter experience.

Following Fortnite’s path, My Pet Hooligan appears as a sci-fi shooter game played from a third-person perspective where players can participate in deadly matches and battle royale game modes.

Two rabbits in My Pet Hooligan

Two rabbits in My Pet Hooligan.

Like many games of the same genre and nature, My Pet Hooligan integrates NFT elements, digital assets, and crypto exchange. NFTs come in the form of hooligan rabbits and robot NFTs, the main characters of this shooting experience. 

In My Pet Hooligan, players collect different items, including rabbits that work as players’ skins. Also, they help build community and boast true digital ownership since all items gained, purchased, and exchanged are owned by players.  

Hooligan Pets have started to be minted in December 2021. With these, NFT holders can access 3D files and content creator tools to actively participate in creating the further game.

A rabbit NFT in My Pet Hooligan

Like Fortnite and different NFT games in 2023, the MPH ecosystem is built in Unreal Engine, with a very similar visual style that reminds us of Disney or Pixar. Besides, Unreal Engine allows developers to create a magnificent world where people explore and participate in different activities around the metauniverse to collect digital items. 

Since the MPH metaverse is a virtual land full of investing and speculative activities, the My Pet Hooligan ecosystem is empowered by the in-game token called $Karrots. There are several ways of collecting these tokens, mainly engaging in competitive gameplay or social activities or receiving community rewards through contributing to the creator economy.

The $Karrots tokens.

The $Karrots tokens.

Regarding the narrative, the hooligan rabbits form a rebellious group to overthrow an overload known as MetaZuckBot by facing his ZuckBots and destroying the cooperation. But when you’re not working with others, the ecosystem encourages players to sharpen their skills in deadly player interactions and prove who is the strongest rabbit in the metaverse.

Two rabbits in combat in My Pet Hooligan

Nowadays, My Pet Hooligan is in the early access phase, so gamers can join the waitlist for the rabbit hole game and get their names down in the beta, which will be released soon.



Final Thoughts

For some time now, metaverse and NFT gaming experiences focused on digital real estate, the interaction between players, and the internal economy have surfaced by dozens. For this reason, selecting the best play-to-earn is difficult. 

Other NFT games like Battle Infinity and Lost Relics stand out for their mechanics and crypto possibilities. Still, the projects mentioned earlier are the most important for the next months and years. 

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