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For many reasons, soccer fans share the same love for the sport worldwide. They admire individual skills and entire soccer clubs or analyze every match to their heart's content. This sport can satisfy almost everyone, so shouldn’t it be the same for soccer-based browser games? FootballTeam proves it’s possible and has everything to call it one of the best online football managers available!

Table of contents:

What is FootballTeam?

Club Module - Phase 1

Collector Cards and Internal Card Game

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What Is FootballTeam?

FootballTeam is an online football game where you create your own footballer and manage his entire career. The longer you play, the better you become and unlock more gameplay options. After reaching a certain OVR, you can extend your career and become a football coach. Of course, no one forces you to do that – you can entirely focus on a solo career if you want. 

That’s what separates FootballTeam from its competition. The game is intuitive and expansive, perfect for beginners and veterans alike. However, you will miss a large portion of the game if you limit yourself like that. Let’s see why it’s worth managing your own club in FootballTeam.

Club Module – Phase 1

A guy watching the building system on FootballTeam

As a manager, you will set tactics and squad for upcoming matches. While the satisfaction of winning more matches is considerable, the repetitive activities can quickly become tedious. To avoid routine, the developers have introduced a new club module, where you develop the entire pitch infrastructure. The whole thing is shown on a graphic map, giving you a constant overview of your club's development.

Here’s what’s included in Phase 1:

  • Buildings: Stadium, Hotel, Parking, Accounting, Green and Recreational areas, and Security.
  • All buildings are fully expandable.
  • The league your team plays in and your club’s infrastructure affect ticket prices.
  • All infrastructure is in the form of a graphic map.  
  • Each of the available buildings affects the club's finances and even the team's effectiveness, so the better the infrastructure, the better the results!

Collector Cards and Internal Card Game

FootballTeam wouldn’t exist without community, so developers rewarded the most deserving players. Selected players received special collector cards that will become part of the internal card game. These are no ordinary cards; each has unique graphics and is fully animated! The players choose the best, so the developers have no say here. If the card game itself is as good as the presented cards, it’s definitely worth the wait!

Play Now!

I think I have written enough about the uniqueness of FootballTeam. You can look in vain for such extensive managerial options and professional sound design in other games of this type. I consider FootballTeam to be one of the best online football managers, and I recommend everyone give it a chance. Sign up now and become a part of this football family!       

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