Are Online Football Managers Your Thing? Then FootballTeam is For You!

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Games like Football Manager have never been as popular as PES or FIFA, but they both have a dedicated fan base. The opportunity to lead a minor club and guide them to victory in the Champions League is a long and demanding challenge. Certainly more difficult than controlling each player individually and directly impacting the match. 

Games of this type often have a high entry threshold, causing plenty of players to let go at the very beginning. But what if a soccer manager could be as expansive as it is intuitive? In FootballTeam, you’re getting the best of both worlds.

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What’s FootballTeam?

Expansive and Intuitive Management

Collector cards - From Players for Players

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What’s FootballTeam?

FootballTeam is a mobile browser game in which you create your own player and develop his football career. At first, you only take care of his needs, but after reaching a certain level, you can start your own club and become a real manager. Therefore, anyone can play FootballTeam, regardless of coaching skills. No one is forcing you to create a club, but the manager’s path is so extensive and intuitive that it's worth giving it a chance.

Here are the highlights of FootballTeam:

  • The game community consists of live players; there are no bots here.
  • Create your own player, and define his appearance and position he’s going to play at.
  • Focus on a solo career, as a manager, or do both.
  • Your outfit creates a set piece that affects your stats.
  • Club module, where you develop your club and its entire infrastructure.

Expansive and Intuitive Management

Club management interface

Players must have something to come back to, and FootballTeam is definitely not a game for a few hours. Here you can take on the role of the founder of your own club made up entirely of live players. Of course, you must first properly develop your player to unlock such an option. You also have to assemble the lineup yourself. Fortunately, everyone will be able to see that you are looking for players, so it shouldn't take long to complete a team.

It's up to you to decide what the starting 11, lineup, or tactics for each match will look like. The task is not easy, but you can count on the help of your players to make important tactical decisions. In addition to your club, there are thousands of others at different levels of competition. The best teams can participate in the Tournament of Champions, the European Tournament, and many other competitions. Victories in such tournaments are lavishly rewarded, and the players themselves will not doubt who to stay with for the next season.

Collector Cards – From Players for Players

FootballTeam Legends Collector Cards

Some time ago, the developers announced an internal card game, of which the FootballTeam community will become a part. These cards represent the best players chosen by the players themselves. These are no ordinary cards; each of them has unique graphics and is fully animated! 

This means that the most deserving players will be permanently inscribed in the history of FootballTeam and become part of it. The developers have no say here; the community chooses who gets their unique card.

Play Now!

FootballTeam is an excellent choice for soccer enthusiasts as well as players simply looking for something fresh. You don’t have to be a soccer expert to get the hang of it, but more experienced players will also be pleased. Also, the community is always there to help you, and being a team, not only on the field, is the key to success.

The developers also spare no effort to repay the community for contributing to the game. Several servers are available at the time of writing, so you’ll definitely find a decent team to play with. That said, wait no more and start your career in FootballTeam!

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