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Cabal 2 is a sequel to widely-popular MMORPG Cabal Online. Now available on MMOAuctions! Choose from six different classes, with unique ones like Force Blader and Force Archer, along with a new Priest class. Master variety of different skills and chain them together to unleash devastating combos. Travel mythical world of Cabal 2, embark on quests through stunning environments processed with CryEngine 3 platform. Battle monsters, explore dungeons, and look for clues to the mysterious disappearance of children all across the continent, pull off finishers to kill bosses in style, summon astral weapons to temporarily grant yourself powerful skills, complete daily abyss quests to gain some extra experience and growth! Tired of leveling in Cabal 2? Check MMOAuctions for the latest offers from traders all around the world and find yourself the ones you desire! Trader seems not to be trustworthy? Put his data into MMOAuctions special feature - Scamkiller!