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Cabal 2 Items

Equipment and Cabal 2 Items, just like in every MMORPG, are playing a big role. In Cabal 2, there are thousands of items that can be collected all over Ektensia. And of course here - on MMOAuctions! Through equipment UI in Cabal 2 you can see item's features. At the top of item UI in Cabal 2 you can see the name and it's colour. The colour depends on rarity of an Cabal 2 items. There are six rarities of items in Cabal 2: White which reffers to Normal/Junk item, Green items are Fine, Blue - Rare, Purple ones are Heroic, Burnt Orange - Legendary and Amber items are Epic. Among them you can find armor set parts, primary and secondary weapons, jewellery etc. Cabal 2 Items properties will show you if the item can be traded, stored or so. Item level reffers to item's quality. Looking for Cabal 2 items of best quality? You can find them here, on MMOAuctions! Search through hundreds of offers with Cabal 2 items!