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NBA 2k19 Power Leveling

NBA2k19 is a basketball simulator developed by Visual Concepts and released by 2K Sports. In the game, the player can experience what it takes to make the greatest basketball team that comes from the bottom of the National Basketball League to reach the top. The game received favorable reviews from critics around the globe as they call the 2019 version - the best installment of the nba2k series so far. Comments on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and forums posts all seem to confirm the truth of this.


This year brought to NBA series numerous changes and tweaks. The shooting system is now more accurate. Ball stealing system has been reworked to be more natural. If a player sees opening in enemy defense it is very likely that he will succeed in stealing the ball. The Takeover system first time implemented in-game changes the flow of the contest. It allows players to make plays connected to their own style. Focusing on specific player traits like defending as a defender increases takeover bar which when filled can be used to launch a special player ability related to their playstyle. Automated contest system has been removed completely making it easier to both defend and attack. There are also improvements to the game and graphics engine decreasing problems with clipping and other bugs.


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