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Dota 2 Gold

DOTA 2 Gold Earning. In DOTA 2 each hero gains 5 gold per second as the game goes on. You can earn extra gold by killing enemy minions and enemy heroes. You are also provided with DOTA 2 gold during kill assist. If your hero dies it will lose part of it's gold. To get gold from minions you need to be the last one hitting it (called last-hitting and is very important when it comes to giring your hero up in best way). You also need to prevent your enemy from last-hitting your minions by pushing them on the lane. Gold is gained also via structure destruction. Once you have enough DOTA 2 gold you are able to buy gear which will greatly affect your hero abilities. Once the game is ended, everything from your hero wipes out - and turns into experience of your account. Looking for DOTA 2 Gold? You are in the right place! Here, on MMOAuctions, you can find the best DOTA 2 Gold - related offers from players all around the world!