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Epic Seven Accounts

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Getting all the characters you want in Epic Seven requires a certain amount of luck. After all, it's a gacha RPG, so it includes an RNG-focused mechanic that decides the heroes and artifacts that you can unlock. It makes an account with all the most fabulous characters even more valuable! Having access to them, you can focus on exploring the story and all the other activities that you're interested in.

Besides the sheer power level, there are plenty of other reasons to unlock your favorite heroes! The game features an anime-like visual style with great character design. You can create your dream team based purely on the aesthetics and personalities. The characters also have unlockable skins that can make them look even cooler if you select to use them!

There are no downsides to having more characters unlocked on your account. You don't have to focus on every one of them, but you will always have the option of playing them. It provides you with more flexibility and opens up several different opportunities for the future encounters. Start buying at MMOAuctions and get the best Epic 7 accounts today!

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Epic Seven

Epic Seven is a Korean mobile gacha RPG that has been developed by Super Creative and published by Smilegate. It was released in 2018, and it's available on Android and iOS. Epic7 is based on creating a massive roster of incredible heroes and using them in different combinations to beat various challenges. Another great aspect of the game are the really short loadign times. The characters can be unlocked by the random summon mechanism. You can get some free characters every day, thanks to the Covenant Summon. Other rolls cost various resources. The heroes that you get are mostly random, but some guaranteed ones are swapped over time – the pool of available characters also changes. Each character has their class, element, and zodiac sign (all these affect the gameplay). They have different star levels and friendship levels.

Moreover, heroes can equip multiple gear pieces, and each character can use an artifact. As you keep playing the game, you'll be able to unlock stronger items and manage your heroes' equipment. You can also awaken your heroes to increase their star levels. Certain characters can have their specialty changed. It's a pretty long process that requires a lot of effort, but it can significantly improve their power levels (and change their looks). Starting from scratch, you might need months to get a perfect roster. 

Heroes and artifacts

During your adventures in Epic Seven, you'll acquire tons of different heroes and artifacts. They are given to you in the form of cards that you can collect and store in your limited inventory (it's going to take you a while to fill it up, though). You're not going to use all of the cards that you get. Luckily you can exchange some of them for Gold and Transit Stones through the Transmit feature. The higher-level ones provide much better rewards. It's a common strategy to level a bunch of the unwanted heroes up to three stars, put them on sale and exchange them for valuable resources. There are tons of great artifacts in Epic 7. The list includes: Ascending Axe, Descending Blade and many others!

There currently are six hero classes in the game: Knight, Warrior, Mage, Ranger, Soul Weaver, and Thief. Meanwhile, the available elements are Fire, Ice, Earth, Darkness, and Light. The two last ones are considered the most powerful – they're often referred to as Moonlight heroes. You're probably going to want to swap your teams for different encounters. The team consists of four heroes. In terms of classes, you will pretty much always want to have some tanky frontliners and a strong backline. However, the preferred elements can drastically change in various situations.   

Epic7 Resources

There are quite a few resources to manage in Epic7. You can earn Gold, Powder of Knowledge, Friendship Points, Conquest Points, Transit Stones, Leaves, and Ancient Coins during your adventures. Moreover, Epic Seven has a premium currency called Skystones. You can get a bit of them through the regular game activities and events, but mostly you can buy them for real money in the game store. All of these resources are acquired in different ways, and they can be spent on all kinds of stuff. Skystones are the only exception because you can use them to buy some of the other resources.

Players can form guilds to play together with their friends, help each other out and challenge others in Guild Wars. There are tons of different stuff to do in the game. Besides the fascinating story mode, each player can engage in daily and weekly quests to get sweet rewards (including Skystones) and partake in various endgame activities, like PvE raids and fighting other players or NPCs in the arena. Taking part in PvP lets you earn the Conquest Points. The PvP also features a ranking system that can show you how you're doing compared to other players.

The list of more casual things to do includes Labyrinths, hunts, and challenges to kill bosses. The developers provide additional interesting content in the form of Side Story. They are often related to specific heroes, and they can reveal additional information about these heroes. Of course, players also receive some valuable rewards for participating.  

Just like many other mobile games, there's an energy system (in Epic7, it's called Stamina) that limits the amount of stuff that you can do in a single day. You can refill it only by spending your Skystones. Probably it is the biggest incentive to spend real money in the game.

Epic Seven quickly became one of the most successful gacha games. It's a difficult task because quite a few competitors have huge, beloved franchises behind their backs. Epic7 managed to attract a vast community of players, without having access to all the legendary characters from Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy universe.

However, a complex resource system, tons of different activities as well as the great visual style and character design turned out to be enough to challenge the market's giants. Epic Seven manages to keep players interested and engaged even for a long time after they finished the main story. Another great aspect of the game is the fact that the microtransactions are not too invasive. They can definitely give you an advantage, but it's more than possible to play and enjoy Epic7 without spending any money whatsoever.

While the characters are not known from other games, players get to know a lot of information about the heroes. There's a lot of great storytelling and character development. You can get it in the main story, side quests, various cut scenes, and more! The anime influence is visible not only in the visual style but also in the display of the game's plot.

Best Epic Seven Heroes

Creating your perfect roster of Epic Seven characters can be quite a challenge. We believe that you can never go wrong with getting some of the most potent units. That's why we prepared a brief list of some of the names that can be the greatest potential additions to your squad!


Most Knights are the likes of main tanks in the game. You want to place them in the frontline, so they can absorb damage and buy time for the rest of your team.

Charles is a five-star Earth Knight who is not only durable, but he also can deal a lot of damage. He can dispel enemy buffs and increase his own teammates Attack. He's a great unit, but using him as the main tank is not the best idea.

Crimson Armin is a four-star Light Knight. She can work exceptionally well as the main tank since her kit features a taunt and some defensive abilities. Crimson Armin provides her teammates with Immunity, Invincibility, and critical damage mitigation.

Fallen Cecilia is a five-star Dark Knight that can fill the role of a supportive tank. She can permanently provoke any unit that's slower than her and protect all of her party members with a fantastic shield. At the same time, some of her abilities scale off of maximum Health, which makes a tanky build even more powerful. Unlocking her requires a time-consuming specialty change.


Epic7 Warriors are the second type of frontline heroes. They're usually bruisers who can both receive and dish out a lot of damage.

Ken is a five-star Fire Warrior. He has abilities that scale with Health and Attack. It makes him extremely versatile, as he can work either as a tank, frontline DPS, or a hybrid of the two. A ton of base HP and his Health scaling allow him to deal respectable amounts of damage even in a defensive setup. On the other hand, he can't protect his teammates.

Yufine is a five-star Earth Warrior that can deal a lot of damage – especially against single targets. It makes her great in boss hunts and really efficient at taking down the priority targets. She has high base damage values and a passive that increases her critical chance. On the other hand, she is quite squishy, and her kit doesn't offer much in terms of AoE damage.

Chaos Sect Axe is a three-star Dark Warrior. He's extremely powerful for this low star level, but in order to get him, you'll have to go through the specialty change process. This hero is great at breaking through the enemy defenses and sustaining in the frontline thanks to high defensive stats and built-in life steal.


This character class mostly sits in the backline, providing a lot of damage and utility with their spells. Mages can be a very versatile class that offers tons of value to their party.

Auxiliary Lots is a four-star Dark Mage who is best played as offensive utility support. He can accelerate his teammates by giving them Mana. He's also speedy, and with the right equipment, you can guarantee that he moves first. Moreover, he can buff his allies' Attack and silence the enemies.

Dizzy is a five-star Ice Mage that brings a lot of AoE damage and utility. That being said, instead of buffing her teammates – she slows down and weakens her enemies. Dizzy is extremely valuable when fighting a group of enemies, but at the same time, she's very squishy.

Vivian is a five-star Earth Mage. That's another example of combining damage and utility. She can provide both defensive and offensive buffs to her team, as well as deal really strong AoE damage over time. She's another great choice for fights against groups of enemies.  


Ranger is another class for characters in the backline. They're usually quite fast, and they're often used as utility heroes, often debuffing the enemies. Some of them might be more focused on utility. Others work more as DPS.

Seaside Bellona is a five-star Ice Ranger that can deal a lot of damage and debuff the opponents. She has a damage ability that cannot be healed or buffed, she has an AoE counterattack, and she can make her team deal more damage to a specific target. Moreover, she has additional survivability.

Leo is a four-star Earth Ranger who provides a ton of utility. He's really fast, and he has access to an AoE stun. He can also break the enemy's Defense and Speed. He's focused solely on debuffs, and he needs a strong team around him since his damage is pretty low.

Lidica is a five-star Fire Ranger used mostly to interrupt her enemies and delay their moves. She has a combination of single target and AoE attacks what makes her versatile. She can also nullify an incoming attack.

Soul Weavers

Soul Weaver is the most utility-focused and supportive character class. These heroes can often heal and buff their teammates and sometimes deal damage or debuff the enemies.

Angelic Montmorancy is a three-star Ice Soul Weaver that requires a specialty change. She currently is one of the best healers in the entire game. She's deceptively tanky, and she can cycle her turns well. Moreover, she can cleanse the debuffs and buff her team.

Diene is a five-star Ice Soul Weaver that provides pretty much everything but healing. She has tons of buffs, including the Critical Damage mitigation and dodging. She can also cleanse the debuffs and shield her party members.

Tammarine is a five-star Fire Soul Weaver that has access to mighty spells on long cooldowns. She can provide 50% AoE Combat Readiness and significantly increase her party's damage output. She also can dispel enemy buffs.


Thieves are mostly damage-focused heroes that can surpass the enemy defenses. They are a great way of adding some extra punch in the frontline.

Arbiter Vildred is a five-star Dark Thief who can cleave multiple enemies. He has high base damage and Speed. Furthermore, he can revive once in every battle what makes him good in extended, close fights.

Cidd is a four-star Earth Thief. He's one of the fastest heroes in the game. Moreover, he can consistently break the enemy defenses and deal a lot of damage to single targets. On the other hand, he lacks AoE and utility.

Blood Blade Karin is a versatile four-star Dark Thief. Her kit allows her to work in multiple roles. She has pretty high HP, Speed, and Attack. She can be built as glass cannon with really high damage output or as a sustain tank that's hard to kill. While she provides a ton of raw combat power, her skill set lacks utility.