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Fire Emblem is, at this point, one of the most recognized Nintendo Franchises. It has more than 15 games to its credit. Fire Emblem is a Turn-Based RPG, and Fire Emblem Heroes continues this tradition, but now in mobile services. Basically, this game is a strategy game on a board, where you will have to move your characters in an 8x6 quad. In Fire Emblem Heroes, you can summon all the classic heroes of the saga, such as Ike, Lyn, Roy, or Lucina. They will come to you to help you to protect the Askr kingdom. 

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The system of Fire Emblem Heroes is very simple: As you go through the different levels of the story, you will get orbs, with which you can summon the classic heroes of the series. These will help you to achieve more goals and will make your team stronger and stronger. The plot of the history is divided into 4 books, from book number 1 to book number 4. Each book has its argument and duration and its missions, some longer than others. Currently, there are more than 800 levels available, and more chapters are added to the story from time to time. All these characteristics make Fire Emblems Heroes, at times, a game that is impossible to get ahead due to the time it takes. This happens with the most mobile strategy games.

In order to your Fire Emblem Heroes account to develop as it should, your characters must be strengthened, learn skills, equip themselves with the best weapons, armors, and accessories. How do you accomplish this? Obtaining the orbs and using them to buy or develop many of the character´s weapons and abilities. Also, in order for your characters to gain experience, you must advance through the story and carry out quests. For this to happen smoothly, we put our services at your disposal. Our platform, MMOAuctions, is here to help you access different services, including trading, buying, or selling all services related to Fire Emblem Heroes. 

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