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Hearthstone Gold

Hearthstone Gold is a in-game currency used in Hearthstone. The current Hearthstone Gold cap is 999999 with a warning displayed at 997999. There are several methods to obtain Hearthstone Gold. Every third won game in Play mode or Tavern Brawls provides you with 10 gold, with a limit of 100 gold per day. Winning games can also allow players to earn additional gold since there are quests related to winning games with a typical ratio of 40 gold of prize each, but there are also quests that grants you with 50,60,80 and 100 gold. You can also take part in arena - to do so you need to pay entrance fee of 150 gold - if at least 7 games were won, you will be awarded with a minimum of 150 gold. Every arena, no matter how many games were won, also grants you with card pack. Hearthstone Gold can be spent to buy card packs (100g), arena entrance (150g), adventure wing entrance (700g) and heroic tavern brawl entrance (1000g). Looking for virtual goods connected with Hearthstone Gold? Check MMOAuctions!