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IMVU is an online 3d virtual avatar chat experience. It isn’t really a game by definition but it might be considered as one by many judging just from a look of it. In IMVU people design their own characters that can be customized in many ways using over 100,000 cosmetic items like clothing and accessories. Avatars often represent user personality as they are widely customizable. Some players decide to recreate their real-life appearance while others let their imagination flow inspire new ideas. This gives the impression that every IMVU character is not like the other. Just as in real life people differ from each other in this online chat room we can find out that every person is different.


As there are thousands of locations where players can meet in the game people can explore content while speaking to others. Most of the locations are private since there are player homes, bars or even entire beaches. These places can be only accessed upon receiving a special invitation from owners. There are also bigger hubs for meeting like towns or coffee shops where avatars can socialize in conversations. As mentioned before since IMVU is more of an online chat than a game you won’t find their quests, NPC’s and experience bars.


Game developers did put heavy emphasis on player created content. By giving players necessary tools they ensured that their game will see big amounts of new items and locations. Since credits (only currency in the game) can be earned with this activity, a big part of IMVU player base consists of content creators who create new features on a daily basis. If content gets approved by Admins player who created it is rewarded with credits.


Although there is another way to obtain credits without paying for them with real money, it isn’t as profitable. To acquire this currency it is possible to spend some time watching ads and completing various surveys on official IMVU site. This method might seem easy but rewards aren’t as big and time that this activity consumes might just not be worth it. So the bottom line is that IMVU credits aren’t that easy to get without spending real money. Getting an account that already has them might be an option. Don’t wait, step up your game and acquire what you always have dreamed of today. All you need in character creator is little bit of invention, email and password. Jump straight into world of many options with IMVU.


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Since there are no quick and reliable ways of getting IMVU credits within the game people often pay real money to acquire items that they desire. It might seem like the only option by many but the truth is that it is always worth it more to buy an account from someone that doesn’t need it anymore. If you decide to buy an avatar from someone you will get with it all clothes, items, pets, and accessories. Since people selling accounts usually are quitting games for a good they often understate the prices. This creates an opportunity of acquiring a bigger amount of items with lower prices than buying each of them with credits. On our website you can find listings created by other players and check out accounts that they have for sale. You might find things that you have always wanted to acquire but you did not have enough time to do so.


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