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Check the best IMVU Accounts offers. IMVU is the avatar-based social network experience where a player can become a member of a community where everything is possible, including connecting with people from all over the world. The fun is infinite and reality is limitless. IMVU virtual shop is the largest among all other online games consisting of over 30 million user-generated items. Marketplace allows members to personalize, customize, stylize and animate their 3D avatars and environments. IMVU users can enjoy conversations with friends via 3D stickers. Over three million users joins IMVU every month. IMVU's most complex features and activities are limited to VIP members - users that pay for membership with real cash. Only VIPs can create content like rooms and virtual goods to sell. There are also restrictions for players below 18 years old. Looking for well developed IMVU accounts? Check MMOAuctions for latest IMVU Accounts offers!