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Looking for Ogame Accounts offers? In OGame each player starts with one planet at randomly assigned coordinates in slots 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12, in random system and galaxy. Player's first planet always consists of 163 fields, which are slots available for buildings and upgrades. Originally one player could possess nine planets in total, however the limit has been lifted up in game's redesign. All constructions, researches and missions are performed from a planet or a moon. Player's empire development is being performed with use of five resources: metal, crystal, deuterium, energy and dark matter. Essential part of OGame's gameplay is combat. The game is not giving the player constant control over his fleet - instead the players sends fleet to a location and what happens to fleet - it's beyond player's control. Looking for OGame Accounts offers? Try MMOAuctions! The only portal consisting of Ogame Accounts offers created by players and traders worldwide!