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Ogame Resources

When you read about OGame, the first sentence that might come to your mind is “resource management”. This amazing strategy game became one of the most played browser based games back in the day. Of course, it’s not a secret that nowadays it may feel a little old and outdated, but this is not an obstacle for players to enjoy it one more time.

If you are a new player of OGame, you will probably have a bad time at first. It’s not like you can’t get on board with the game mechanics, but the number of pro players looking to destroy you is bigger than you imagine. This is why you need to figure out a new method if you want to survive this strategy game. After all, it’s all about developing a strategy, right? Well, you now are in the best online platform to make your dreams come true. MMOAuctions is more than just a marketplace, we will properly guide you in your quest of acquiring the OGame resources you need to become the greatest player of them all!

Looking for OGame resources? Search no more!

The task of getting resources is not an easy one. If the game itself tells you that managing the resources is the main way of getting success, then you can expect how hard will it be to achieve them in the first place.

Your main goal as a player is to get enough metal, crystal, and deuterium. These OGame resources can be obtained by mining, trading, or raiding them. As you may guess, the mining process takes a lot of time. There's another resource, the Dark Matter, that can only be gained through expeditions, but you won't always have expeditions to complete. In fact, the game has some limitations when it comes to mining resources. 

You can only mine a certain amount of metal and crystal per hour. This might affect your progress and slow down the curve of progression. This game has been available for a lot of years now, meaning that there are players with a high amount of resources that are selling them to the people that really need them. 

Resources won’t be sold at a cheap price - their prices are proportional to the difficulty of getting them. So most sellers won’t bother in giving out their resources for low costs… unless they want to sell OGame resources at MMOAuctions. This is because we won’t charge them anything for posting their offer! We are a free of charge service. 

If you want to buy OGame Resources all you need to do is contact a seller and wait for the resources to get in your personal account. Our providers are top-notch, so just sit tight and wait!

Before buying anything remember to put the name, IP address, or email address of your potential trading partner in the Scam Killer. This is a powerful tool developed by us so you can check if a person is a reliable seller or a scammer in just seconds!