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Overwatch Accounts now avaliable on mmoauctions! Overwatch features a squad-based combat with two opposing teams consisting of six players each. Players choose one of several unique heroes available in game, each with their own abilities and role. There are four main roles in Overwatch: offense, defense, support and tank. During lobby pre-match section of the game, a team will be given an advice whether to swap some of their heroes in order to balance the whole gameplay or not. There are several maps available in Overwatch, each dedicated for different game mode. I.e. Assault maps requires players to capture two targets in a sequence on the map while defending team must stop them, where on Control maps the team has to capture and maintain common control point until their capture percentage reaches 100%. Looking for virtual goods connected with Overwatch  Accounts? Check MMOAuctions for the most actual Overwatch Accounts offers from players and traders worldwide!