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Overwatch Bots & Cheats

Check for the latest Overwatch Hacks, Cheats or Bot software offers. Improve your Overwatch gameplay with some of the exploits available on MMOAuctions. There are countless possibilities. You can find an Overwatch aimbot, wallhack, a simple script or any other hack. Boost your Overwatch gaming experience.


Overwatch – the hit Blizzard shooter

Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer online first-person shooter game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, released on May 2016. The gameplay of Overwatch consists of matches of two teams with six players assigned to each team. Players can now choose one of 30 pre-defined characters called heroes, each with unique movements, attributes, and abilities. Every hero has his own role in the team, such as damage, tank, and support. The game quickly gathered a huge and devoted community of players, who enjoy the available game modes.  


As players have fun playing the game, they receive cosmetic rewards such as character skins and victory poses, having no impact on the gameplay. Overwatch is being updated regularly by Blizzard, adding new heroes, maps and game modes for free.


World of Overwatch

This multiplayer game is set on our old familiar Earth, it’s just a little bit different. We are placed in a dystopic future, where lethal machines have risen up to get rid of humanity. Overwatch itself is the name of a task force brought to life by the United Nations. After some turmoil it has been disbanded, just to start forming once again later. The game doesn’t have a story mode, but players can find out a lot about the world and their favorite characters from the animated shorts, comics, and other media.


Overwatch gameplay

After its release in 2016, Overwatch quickly gained a great reputation thanks to the dynamic gameplay it offers. The matches are fast-paced and based on mechanical as well as teamwork. Players not only have to get proficient at the game but also learn to cooperate with their teammates, pick good team compositions and execute on them, playing around their strengths and weaknesses.


Different game modes in Overwatch

There are a few different game modes and while the gameplay remains pretty much the same, the objectives change.


In Assault one of the team is attacking and the other one is defending. The attackers have to capture two strategic points on the map in a limited amount of time. The defenders obviously try to prevent that from happening.


In the mode called Control, both teams are fighting over a single point on the map, trying to hold on to it for as long as necessary. Each team has a progress bar, which is filling when they are in control of the objective.


Escort is another one that assigns different roles to both teams. The attackers are supposed to make sure that the delivery arrives to its destination safely, while the defenders are putting effort into destroying the moving cargo before it’s too late.


There are also hybrid game modes that merge some of the different ones, as well as some of the most popular online shooter game modes like Capture the Flag or Deathmatch.


At the same time, there’s an option to join the competitive play and prove your skill, trying to achieve high rank (Skill Rating) or you can just play casually and enjoy some matches without tryharding to find the best strategy and play the most optimal team comp.


Get the best Overwatch hack for you!

Choose some of many available Overwatch hacks, cheats, and tools to enhance your gameplay. There are some of the best options. Most of these tools can be divided into three categories:


Overwatch Aimbot – there are plenty of Overwatch aimbots at hand. Numerous different teams create their own tools, trying to be ahead of the competition. Read their descriptions, compare prices and choose the one that you like the most. Aimbots will help you with hitting more headshots and eliminating your enemies more efficiently. You can find a bot that will run smoothly and won’t cause any performance issues. Some of the more advanced aimbots will not only track your enemy but also try to predict their movement and calculate the missile travel time If necessary. Remember that your antivirus might see them as a threat since they need access to your mouse and keyboard to do their job. The other similar similar exploit is called a triggerbot, it not only aims, but also shoots for you.


Overwatch Wallhack – another tool that’s completely normal in online shooters. Wallhacks allow their users to see through walls and always know where their opponents are. It’s a huge advantage in a game like Overwatch since knowing your enemies positions at all times makes it easy to predict what they’re planning to do and allows you to ambush them easily. With wallhacks, you can track your opponents as well as see mines, projectiles, and traps. They are safer and harder to detect than aimbots.


Overwatch Script – scripts are small pieces of code that will automatically use certain abilities in the best possible moments. In Overwatch, it usually means preventing death, by dodging or shielding the deadly damage or using the healing ability when your hero is below a certain health threshold.


Overwatch hacks - Which heroes benefit from using hacks the most?

Ana – aimbots are really powerful on her because a lot of her kit strengths depend on reliably hitting her Sleep Dart. Moreover, good Biotic Riffle means more damage and more healing at the same time!


Bastion – his Configuration: Sentry is extremely powerful with a good aimbot, especially if you can get a teammate to peel for you, your damage output will be absurd.


Genji, Lucio, and Zenyatta – all three of those champions have projectiles with travel time, which require some of the most advanced aimbots. At the same time, they’re great heroes to use scrips on because they all have life-saving abilities.


McCree – another hero that can make great use of an aimbot. His high headshot damage makes it easy to eliminate enemies when he hits his mark.


Mei – the right script will make you avoid a lot of deaths on her. Setting your Cryo-Freeze to auto-activate at an established health percentage might prove to be helpful in many dangerous situations.


Mercy – she’s another one of the best script users, especially her Resurrect ability might become overpowered with the help of the proper script.


Pharah – the best thing for her would be an advanced aimbot that will take the rocket speed into account. Her damage potential is very high, but it’s quite difficult to utilize.


Soldier 76 – all kinds of exploits are very potent on this hero. Aimbot allows him to easily eliminate enemies and scripts that automatically activate his Biotic Field can often save him or his teammates from death.


Reaper – scripting his Wraith Form will make it possible for him to avoid huge portions of damage.


Roadhog – Similarly to Pharah, he needs an excellent aimbot that will calculate his Chain Hook projectile speed. If you’re looking to use hacks when you play this hero, make sure that the aimbot you get is equipped with this feature.


Tracer – With abilities like Blink and Recall she is a great script user. Tracer has wonderful tools to avoid damage and death.


Widowmaker – just like every sniper in every online shooter, she can make her eliminations more consistent with an aimbot.


Zarya – using the right script to catch incoming attacks with her Particle Barrier, will at the same time give her more survivability and more damage dealing potential. One of the best scripts users out there.


Remember, aimbots and wallhacks will be working for every hero. The ones described here are just examples of some of the best synergy a characters kit can have with a hack. For instance, heroes who can eliminate enemies from long range, usually have more to gain from the knowledge of their opponent’s position, so wallhacks will arguably benefit them more, than the other characters.


Choose the best Overwatch hacks and exploits!

Make sure to compare different offers and look for the one that will work best for you. Remember that hacking is against Blizzard’s rules, so you want to avoid detection. Most of the hacking team have to update their tools with new game patches, so the hacks remain unsdetected by the developers, so you might have to subscribe to a tool to get a fresh version every patch. Make sure that the hack you’re buying has this kind of constant tech support that will allow you to stay ahead of Blizzard's anti-cheat policy. Make sure you won't get detected, you don't want to get banned.


If you want to know more about Overwatch hacks, you should find a forum devoted to the game and read some threads there. You can also search for some video examples of players using these tools. Make sure that they won't lower your FPS, you want the best possible gaming experience.


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