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Overwatch Credits

Main currency used in Overwatch is called Credits (also known as Coins). It can be spent to unlock items and heroes in the Hero Gallery. Overwatch Credits can be obtained as loot from loot boxes, and also can be acquired as a compensation for looted item that is already in collection (compensation amount is one fifth of the regular item price). Items unlocked with Overwatch credits cannot be sold back to regain credits nor refunded. Items in hero gallery is always fixed based on their rarity and quality, and goes respectively: common costs 25 Overwatch credits, rare costs 75 Overwatch credits, epic costs 250 credits and legendary costs 1000 Overwatch credits. Seasonal items can be bought at event duration time and costs thrice regular price. Looking for virtual goods connected with Overwatch Coins? Check MMOAuctions for the most actual offers from players and traders worldwide!