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Giddy Up with Red Dead Online and MMOAuctions

So you have finished the amazing, award winning campaign but are not done with the amazing world of Red Dead Redemption 2, so you decide to boot up the online mode, go wrestle some horses and rob some online banks. The problem is that all the cool gear that you are used to during the main story is locked behind grind and pay walls. 

So what is an aspiring cowboy who has a busy lifestyle to do? Easy, you log into your favorite page and get in contact with any one of our pro gamers who are offering you a wide range of options for you to enjoy the digital western lifestyle you want.  

MMOAuctions will get you where you want to be 

You just spent forty plus hours playing as Arthur Morgan, the protagonist of the main campaign. You got to rob banks, have the best horses, play with awesome guns and pretty much decide the fate of several towns. Now that you are playing as yourself you might find that you don’t have as many options as you have grown used to, to add insult to injury Rockstar just implemented a season pass which allows you to unlock even more cool stuff. The problem is that you have to play so many hours and go through so many uneventful quests that by the time you get the cool stuff you wanted in the first place, you will be sick of the game.

You don’t want that to happen and we don’t want it to happen to you. So we are here to help, we have a wide variety of options for you to check out and make your experience more enjoyable. You can take advantage of the wide variety of services that our top of the line gamers are ready to offer you. So that next time you sit down after a long day at the office or at school you don’t need to worry about getting over a hundred dollars of in game currency to get a faster horse or your favorite outfit. You just need to open your inventory and select which awesome outfit and horse are you gonna use to play with your friends.  

Explore the west like never before

In Red Dead Online you create your own character, an outlaw that just escaped prison and now is out and about, ready to unleash chaos or be the new lawful sheriff in town. By doing quests you can level up and get in game dollars that you can then use to buy new items, horses or outfits. Some of those are locked behind level walls, especially the really effective guns and fast horses. You can get together with your friends and plan train heists or bank robberies. Plus Rockstar is adding seasonal events as well extra items and missions to keep you entertained, plus a brand new storyline completely different to the one you played in the main mission.