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StarCraft II Accounts

Check for the best StarCraft 2 Accounts offers. Players in StarCraft 2 may choose from three races - every match grants a player the possibility to choose whether to play a Protoss, Terran or a Zerg. In order to win against the opposing player (or bot player), it's army and buildings has to be destroyed. To win, players are required to quickly and strategically manage their Economy, Technology level and Army. Economy is based on two main resources which are minerals and vespane gas. They are used to manage technology and army, by upgrading buildings and recruiting units to fight against the opponent. The management of fighting units is called micromanagement, when the economy and technology development are called macromanagement. The amount of tactics that can be used is endless, every match is different and unique. Looking for virtual goods connected with StarCraft 2 Accounts? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual StarCraft 2 Accounts offers from players and traders worldwide!