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Team Fortress 2 - A classic worth playing

Team Fortress 2 is one of the oldest FPS games in the book of shooters that are still alive and well. This title was created by the Valve company for the Steam platform and right from the release it gathered a large crowd of fans. Ever over ten years after the release, there are thousands of players that enjoy playing it on a daily basis. The gameplay of Team Fortress 2 resembles this known from the Overwatch game. Two teams that consist of players who have chosen various classes with different forms of utility and abilities compete against each other to complete goals that are determined by the map that they are playing on. There is capture the flag, point control, team deathmatch, cart pushing, and more. During the game, you won’t get bored. Action is fast-paced but not as chaotic as in Overwatch, classes can be changed during the gameplay so you don’t have to worry if you are struggling with one and community of the game is friendly and always warmly welcomes new players. Check out Team Fortress 2 on your own and see that old games don’t have to be boring!