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What The Division is about

The Division is a buy-to-play game created by the Ubisoft company that functions on the Uplay platform. It is also a Third-Person Shooter in which player becomes a part of the Division with a mission to re-establish the peace in the post-apocalyptic version of New York. Here, after the outbreak of the virus, most of the population of the city became infected with a deadly disease. As the anarchy grew, multiple military organizations including various mafia groups started to fight for dominance over the city. It’s up to the player and his Division to find out who’s behind the outbreak of the virus and to bring back the control over the city to the rightful rulers.

During the gameplay, the player will see his character from the Third-Person view. This allowed the game creators to add a strategic feel to this production as hiding behind covers and peeking from the other side of them will play a major role in the tactics during the combat. If you are looking for a TPS game with strategic combat, interesting story, and great graphics make sure to check out The Division.