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Tom Clancys The Division Boosting

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About The Division

The Divison is an online Third Person Shooter game that puts the player in the post-apocalyptic version of New York where most of the citizens have been affected by the spread of the deadly virus. The main protagonist is given a mission to restabilize the city as the various groups of mafia and other organizations are trying to take it over during the times of anarchy. It’s up to the player to find out who is responsible for the virus outbreak and how to stop the ongoing city issues.

During the gameplay, the player will see the character from the Third Person view which allows him to easily peek from behind the covers and strategically plan the fights. Although it is a shooter game the strategic part of it is very important. Fights are taken on carefully planned zones where various rocks, vehicles, and other elements of the environment can be used as a cover to get behind enemy lines, hide from the bullets, or regenerate health during combat. Without a doubt Tom Clancy’s: The Division is one of the best shooter game releases of recent years.