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Uplay Market

Uplay is an online digital distribution platform created by Ubisoft to promote games that they make or they want to sell. Besides a shop where users can purchase various titles, it offers an achievement system similar to this known from games and a library where users store their Ubisoft titles after the purchase. It works similarly to Steam and Origin however only for Ubisoft games. This means that buying an Uplay account means buying games that Ubisoft has. 


As mentioned before in Uplay players can unlock achievements in the game which are the badges that can be seen from the Uplay menu. Those badges may award the player with special Ubisoft Club coins which later can be spent on unlocking additional content and various items for played titles. Moreover, Units (which is the correct name of Ubisoft Coins) can be spent on game discounts that might lower the price of your future purchases. 

Gaming platform

Uplay is mainly a gaming platform where players can send messages to each other even when they are playing different games of that producer. The platform features multiple well-known singleplayer titles of the Ubisoft company like Assassins Creed, Far Cry, Prince of Persia, or Watchdogs. There are also many multiplayer titles for example The Crew, Steep, Southpark Game, Rainbow Six, The Division, For Honor, and more.

Benefits of buying Uplay account

The biggest benefit of buying an Uplay account that you might want to achieve is an ability to instantly unlock lots of games for a cheaper price. Players who have already played multiple Ubisoft titles and got bored of them might want to get rid of their old accounts just to earn some additional money on the deal. This is also perfect for the buyer that can purchase multiple games that are already on the account at the discount price. It also applies to the achievements system and previously mentioned Uplay Units. If the player who is selling an account earned lots of those during his gameplay you will be able to get an account with lots of Units. Those you can spend later on new games and various rewards.

About Ubisoft

Ubisoft is a French company that specializes in game production. They have headquarters in Montreuil however there are also multiple development studios of that company scattered across the world. One of the most famous titles that this company released was the Rayman series which sold in millions of copies making Ubisoft a strong competitor on the game developers market. Now the studio is mostly known for the huge Assassins Creed and Far Cry franchises however they also released a couple of successful multiplayer games like Rainbow Six and the Division.