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MMOAuctions focuses on providing service for players that are willing to exchange their goods, skills, and knowledge about games, to either buy or sell them, turning your love for games into money, and boosting your progress and improving your status in games that you play. While our website is entirely user-driven we made sure that everything is fair, trustworthy, and profitable for everyone.


We play games ourselves as we’ve done for years, and we decided on making an Auction House website that we’ve always wanted to use. We’ve seen a lot of flaws on other websites in this business. Websites would restrict both classes of users - providers and customers. Their terms and services would trick users into gaining less profit, putting hidden fees and taxes on every transaction. These websites would even allow scamming, completely refusing to take any responsibility, even when people would lose the money that they’ve invested. We’ve looked into it to absolutely remove these flaws, to ensure, that gamers from all over the world will finally get the best possible trading website, that is safe and trustworthy enough to sell and purchase in-game goods and services related to gaming with real money.


We not only removed these flaws, we improved in some areas for the convenience of our users, making us one of the top auction user-driven websites. You can find us at the top of most official trading sites lists, you can find many reviews and ratings, and after you use our website you will understand why are we at the top of our game. What exactly do we offer?


Best Website for Sellers


Our Website is unquestionably the best website for people that want to sell stuff in regards to online gaming. Here you can finally turn your hobby, your love for the games, the pure passion into a way of making money, someday maybe even a stable income of money if you gain good rates and reputation. If you have some accounts with valuable items or powerful characters - you can sell them here. If you are skilled in a certain part of the game, maybe you are good at PvP, grinding, or making money - you can split that into many services. You can sell PvP skills to either boost PvP rankings or teach people through coaching sessions. You can utilize your grinding skills to powerlevel accounts or drop rare items that you will be able to sell. And you can make in-game money to then sell it for real-life money.


You will be able to sell everything as long as it fits in the categories that we’ve presented. Don’t worry, we’ve looked into it, and you should be able to sell everything gaming related. When you set something up on our website - you can do everything your way. You can pick your auction image to attract customers easily. You can set up title and description to specify exactly what you are selling, and your own price that is not restricted at all. You can price your services really high, but be careful, as you still want to attract customers that are willing to pay, and not everyone is a millionaire.


When you want to sell something you want to sell it for the highest price possible to gain as much profit as you can. That’s understandable. On some sites, you will be forced to put a tax, or pay a hidden fee with each transaction. Not anymore. At every penny from any transaction goes straight into your pocket. We don’t get anything, so you can get everything. Your services, your work, your business - you deserve to get the money that you have worked for.


Be responsible and responsive when it comes to negotiating terms and providing your services. Stay true to your word, slowly get people what they paid for, get good ratings and reviews, be trustworthy and professional, and our system will move your auction to the top of the list, bringing you new clients, so you can slowly build your client base. Staying at the top of the auction list will surely be noticed by everyone, so you can sell more things for more money. Get good ratings, get noticed more, and get more customers willing to purchase from you.


We give the best possibilities, and it’s up to you to make the best out of it.


Best Place for Buyers


Our website has a lot of games and categories to choose from. Whether you are playing new online games that released lately, or older multiplayer games - you should find everything you are looking for. Boosting, Power-leveling, Items, In-game Currency, Accounts, Unban Services, etc. - it’s got it all.

The only real thing that our buyers can be concerned about is the price of the things listed on our big little Auction House website. As we mentioned before, every service has a price that is absolutely dependant on the person that sells the service. With so many auctions listed on our website, you should find what you are looking for, for a decent price.


Safety is important. Paying for service just to get scammed is unacceptable and that’s why we perfected our security measures to ensure, that everything here is absolutely trustworthy. On MMOAuctions everything becomes easy with our Scam Killer system. How does Scam Killer work? After you find an auction that interests you, you will be able to check if the person that provides the service that you are willing to pay for - is credible, trustworthy and if they were ever affiliated with any scams. Scam Killer gathers intel from many transactions finalized over the years on Discord servers, Skype, Facebook, etc. Simply type in their email, skype name, payment account details or their IP, and our system will tell you if that person was fair in their trading career.


When you’ve picked your desired service you will be able to contact the seller through our handy Live-chat to negotiate and/or ask questions. This is really important when you purchase something that puts your provider on your account, like boosting. As to ensure that your account won’t get punished for services that are not really tolerated by game publishing companies, you should not touch your account when someone is already playing on it. Live-chat will help you communicate to specify the times when your account is being boosted, and how long will it take to boost it to the lvl that you’ve paid for.


Things very rarely go wrong on our site, but if something happens, or if you have some suggestions you can contact our Support (that is available 24/7), to either let us know about the problems that you’ve encountered, or thoughts about our service - what doesn’t work, what works well, and what we can work on. We appreciate every piece of feedback, as it lets us improve on things that are not quite there yet, which includes being user-friendly in the best possible way, having a special sale through internal providers, having a better search engine, purchases history, or a better refund system.


You don’t have to wait anymore


Time is the most valuable resource nowadays. With so many things happening, everything moves so fast, and we - the people, sadly have to adapt. We have less time each year, we have school, homework, and chores, work, social life, and deadlines, children, partners, and family time. And the cycle goes on, and it never seems to stop. It’s hard to find free time for the things that we enjoy, and what’s worse than committing countless hours, only 1 hour from your free time each day, just to get to the point of finally enjoying the game’s content? It’s a struggle that depends on luck and your time.


The time that slowly runs out each second. You are already working on so many things in your life. Every part of your life needs time and commitment. Don’t let video games feel like tedious work. You are here, playing games to forget about that harsh reality, to escape from the grasps of routine, and have some time for yourself. Don’t let it become your second tedious hard work.


This is where purchasing accounts goes into play. Playing the game is absolutely free, but there are so many things that you can unlock through the resource of time. The account will level up, and at certain levels, you will get a crate that will spawn three items. With over fifteen hundred extra items like skins, banners, poses, and voice-lines it will take about five hundred Apex Packs to get every possible item in the game. And with ultra-rare items, or legendary skins like Heirloom Set for Wraith character - having that prestige feels really like something special. In some way it commands respect and makes you feel and through the feeling - play better. There’s some psychological value to it.


About The Game


Apex Legends is the newest big Battle Royale title. This free-to-play first-person shooter was developed by Respawn Entertainment, and published by Electronic Arts. It was a surprise for all Battle Royale players, as that title hasn’t been announced prior to its release on February 4, 2019, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


Apex Legends is somewhat of a mix between popular FPS titles that came out over the last few years. The game was heavily influenced by Respawn Entertainment’s previous game series - TItanfall. In Apex players can move around with lots of freedom when it comes to movement on the map and in between the obstacles. Players can sprint and slide down hills gaining momentum when they go into crouch state during sprinting. You can run up the walls to reach high rooftops and some unpredictable locations where you can hide. You can bounce of the walls jumping between them to make some unpredictable moves. The gameplay is not stiff at all.


This is a Hero Battle Royale. With a roster of fixed characters that you can play as. Every character is unique, every character has a certain set of skills to use, every character has its own voice lines and reactions to certain things. Each Hero fits a specific role, some will provide useful shields, someone will heal and provide airdrops with useful gear like weapons, weapon parts, and armor, someone will make it easier to move around the map, swinging like Spiderman from the buildings, someone will bamboozle the enemy team with multiple decoys and invisibility cloak, and someone will gain intel about possible enemy movements stalking them like a true apex predator.


This is the first Battle Royale game, where dead players can be revived. There’s a special banner system that enables you to loot a character banner from your teammate’s dead body, and if you bring it to certain drop-off locations scattered around the map, you will be able to revive them. This allows some players to still find some sense in waiting for their last alive team member to revive them and maybe even carry the round. This game values teamplay more than any other Battle Royale game, as one person in the team can make a really huge difference.


Also, the game has one of the best if not the best in-game communication system that doesn’t involve microphone usage that Battle Royale players have ever seen. It’s simple and perfect in every way, as it allows players to give specific commands through a few button clicks, that are clear for every team member. Did you spot someone? Do you have a feeling that someone was at your current location? Do you want to loot a specific building? You just want to point your team in the right direction or point them to useful items that they might need? Everything can be done through this simple and quick pinging system.  




While the game is absolutely free-to-play, there are loot-boxes and some things to purchase from the store. These things don’t enhance the game experience in any way, providing only extras like weapon skins, character skins, special avatar borders, kill and headshot counters, ultra-rare special melee weapons, execution animations and more. The best thing about the loot-boxes is that items that you have already found in boxes, stuff that you have on the account already will not appear in any new loot-boxes. Which means - no duplicates. In theory, after you open a certain amount of loot-boxes you will have every item there is, unless some items were time-limited, which haven’t happened yet in the history of Apex Legends. And there are total 1,172 items i the game to get from lootboxes, and this number can change in the future. Each lootbox contains 3 cards, and each card can have a different item, that can be applicable to all characters or to your account. There are also gold Apex coins - a special premium currency.


Items range from common to legendary. Of course, Legendary Skins are harder to come by. They can be either acquired from loot-boxes, or bought for the in-game currency. Everything will take time, and after all, it all depends on your luck and currency management. But why exactly should you depend on luck, if you can afford certain things and have everything you want right now? Is there a certain Legendary skin that you want? Why should you wait? Maybe there’s some special set of kill, headshot, or revive counters to manifest your skills and abilities in the pre-game window to command respect? Why should you wait? And maybe you just want to show people high KDA or Headshot Kills to Kills ratio? Again - why exactly should you wait?


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Contact us through support if you have some personal thoughts about our website. We want to make MMOAuctions as user-friendly as it possibly can be, and we want to feature new things to satisfy every need of our customers and providers.  


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