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Apex Legends Items

Apex Legends is the newest online Battle Royale game that made it big, reaching top charts on every streaming platform like Twitch. Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It released for 8th generation consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as for Personal Computers with Microsoft Windows operating system. Even though it released as a surprise title, with no prior announcements or advertisement, the game blew up really fast, luring every player from all other Battle Royale titles out there, like PUBG, or Fortnite.


What made Apex Legends so special was the movement system. Creators of Titanfall really delivered something unique to the table. Players have lots of freedom in movement, there are transitions from sprint to sliding, there are wallruns and walljumps, climbing, reaching various vantage points and so on.


Apex Legends is also the first Battle Royale title to introduce heroes that players can choose from, like in Overwatch or Team Fortress 2. You are not playing a faceless character. You are playing a hero with its own personality and set of skills that you will be able to use in the game. The Champions available in the game are quite special. Pathfinder is a friendly yet emotionless robot equipped with a grappling hook, Lifeline is a feisty young medic, Caustic is a soldier specialized with toxic gas,


Apex Legends Items


Apex Legends has a Loot Packs system that rewards players who level up with crates that have in-game content, like cosmetic items, statistic tracking devices, execution animations, additional voice lines and so on.


While there is no way yet of exchanging or trading items between players since Electronic Arts likes to keep everything for themselves, you can buy accounts that have certain items on it. Items can be bought in-game from the dedicated shop that sometimes offers a limited-time special deals. So if a special skin showed up some time ago in a time-limited sale - the only way of obtaining it would’ve been getting the account on which the item is. And since accounts are free, other people can just create new accounts, buy exclusive rare, epic, or legendary weapon skins and cosmetics on time-limited sale in the item shop, and then sell it for profit.


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