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If you are looking for Atlantica Online Account you are in the best place! Character Level in Atlantica Online Account is an ability grading that applies individually to a player's main character and each of their mercenaries. Find it easier to level up with MMOAuctions! Atlantica Account level is directly proportional to experience and increases by one each time a proper experience amount is gained. This is known as leveling up. When a character levels up, one bonus point one skill point is awarded to that character. In addition, health and mana are reset to maximum. You can choose from lots of mercenaries, and have up to 8 in a formation at any given time, and each can have a different level than your main character. Normally, you gain experience through questing, but you can also gain it by killing monsters, fighting in dungeons, grinding, consuming experience books, fighting in PvP and more. Want to save your time in Atlantica Online? Find yourself some useful Atlantica Online Account on MMOAuctions!