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Fight for your life in Crossfire

As a player of Crossfire, you get to play as a soldier defending your platoon from super mutants. The gameplay is designed to encourage cooperation, at the beginning of the match you and all of your fellow soldiers will be “normal” but as soon as the match begins some of them will become monsters, these players are chosen at random. There is an element of surprise when you start playing since you don’t know who will be chosen, but once you are you have to try and infect the other players.

Crossfire has been around and boasts a healthy player base filled with first-person shooter lovers and fans of monster movies. As you play more your game style will be rewarded with cosmetics and items that will make you deadlier. However if you want the best rewards you will have to get up there on the levels, and as you can imagine that could get grindy, and you don’t want to feel like your rushing with a game as fun as Crossfire, you want to enjoy the experience. At MMOAuctions we are going to help you get all the items and boosters you could ever want without spending your precious time on mindless tasks.

Evolve your gameplay with

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Crossfire is your new favorite multiplayer game

Crossfire is a game all about strategy and team effort, as one of the members of your platoon, it will be your responsibility to keep your teammates alive. And as a monster of the monster squad, you will be infecting others to make your team bigger. 

With you can make your soldier the best hero on the server or your monster the biggest baddest killer. The best part is that the better you are the better you make your squad, and the more you advance as a payer.