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DC Universe Online Cash

Check the best DCUO Cash offers. Money in DC Universe consist of two main currencies. They are used to obtain various items and equipment via trade with vendors and kiosks. Most of them can be obtained through completing quests or defeating opponents and some other may be purchased in webshop for real money. Most can also be bought here, on MMOAuctions! The most common currency in the game is DCUO Cash. Cash can be earned for completing missions, destroying objects or defeating enemies. You can also sell unwanted items to NPC vendors. It is used to purchase equipment, consumables and repairs. It is also the only currency that can be traded or mailed between players. Second currency is called an Escrow. It reffers to the exceeded amount of cash. Amount of cash that can be kept by a player depends on his account status. Any cash above the limit turns into escrows. Looking for cheap DCUO Gold Cash? Check MMOAuctions for the latest DCUO Cash offers from players all around the world!