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Maw of Lorkhaj Strategy Guide

Maw of Lorkhaj is a trial located in the Reaper’s March straight south of the Do’Krin Monastery. It requires Thieves Guild DLC access (you have to either have the ESO+ or DLC purchased).


Maw of Lorkhaj is a sacred place to the Khajit, formerly known as Temple of Seven Riddles. It is considered to be one of the most difficult end-game content of The Elder Scrolls Online currently. Completing this 12-man trial in veteran mode will award you the Dro-M’Athra skin. Make sure your team consists of people that are used to running veteran DLC content and trials cause Maw of Lorkhaj is a really bad pick for beginners, if you are new its recommended to complete few runs of Aetherian Archive or Hel Ra Citadel (both in Craglorn) before delving into newer raids. Completing veteran Maw of Lorkhaj requires experienced and patient players as there is a lot room for failure here, creating a pull-up group for this is a very bad idea as you will need ways to communicate with your group properly. Remember to be properly geared, or buy eso gold if you need to. It would be good for your group to have proper eso item sets on you. Maw of Lorkaj also has very good eso item sets so it’s a good place for eso boosting if your raid can handle few slackers.


How to set up team?   

Your team will require 2 tanks, 1 main tank and one good off-tank, 2 healers and 8 damage dealers. You will need at least two dragonknight DPS that know how to use chains properly for the second boss encounter. Positioning is extremely important in this trial therefore its good to have an even split between DPS and have 4 ranged and 4 melee damage dealers.


It's also wise to ensure every member of your group has properly distributed champion points with 49 points in both Hardy and Elemental Defender and 48 points in Thick Skinned (The Lady tree), from The Steed tree you want to pick 61 in Ironclad and 3 in Spell Shield


First Trash Mobs 

Make sure your group is prepared, with proper buff food and skill morphs and enter Maw of Lorkhaj. After you beat the first stairs you will begin the first part of MoL. Trash packs will begin to spawn, opening with Cursed Monks which are fairly easy to beat. Next up Shadowguard, Sun-Eater and Archer will spawn, from this point forwards always remember to focus Sun-Eater first. Sun-Eater has a huge dome skill which deals lots of damage and negates your spells. When fighting a Sun-Eater, Main Tank has to taunt Archer and Shadowguard away from the group. The archer has one important skill called “Marked for Death”, it will pick one player at random and that player will be chased by spectral panthers, the longer the skill is on the player the more panthers will appear, to stop the skill from spawning more panthers Archer has to be killed, so skip the panthers and go straight for the Archer. Shadowguard will perform AoE spin attack which should be tanked away from the group, this spin will go always after his heavy attack, another skill, Void Rush, will make Shadowguard target a random player which he will charge and stun if the rush is not blocked. 


After dealing with the first area walk through the door into next room. A pack of mobs will be already waiting, as usual focus the sun eater while tanks will take care of the other adds. Upstairs you will also find new add called Savage, it has to be taunted by the off tank away from the team because it has AOE attack that takes down physical resistance of all players around him to 0.

Zhaj’Hassa Tactics

This boss is all about positioning. There are 6 panels around the room so make sure everyone knows where they are and know how to reach them, make sure your healers have those panels in range of their healing springs. Tank the boss in the middle and have the offtank somewhere to the side, have 2 ranged dps a little bit closer to the pads.


Boss will summon Sar’m’athra Panthers, small purple ones will deal a ton of damage. As soon as they spawn off tank, along with two Dragon Knights, have to pull them closely to the boss. They cannot be taunted but they can be crowd-controlled (including chains).


As soon as you start the fight big blue pillars will spawn around the arena. After enough pillars drop Zhaj’hassa will start glowing blue, now everyone has to run behind one of the pillars for cover. While standing behind the pillar you can still damage Zhaj’hassa. If you fail to find cover and explosion hits you will die. Over time less and less pillars will spawn so this fight is race against the clock. First two pillar spawns will drop 5 of them, next two will drop four, then two rounds of three, and so on until no pillars are dropped and raid wipes. You can control where the pillars drop because they will always drop on group members furthest away from Zhaj’hassa.


After every Void Pillar phase, Zhaj’hassa will cast a curse on three random players, Cursed players will have a red AOE under them and player that stands close will also get cursed so you have to stay spread. You can remove the curse by running to one of the lightning panels spread around the room. Using the panel will render it inactive for 25 seconds. After 30 seconds you will get killed by the curse.


After some time Zhaj’hassa will spawn shield around him that will reduce the damage by 100%. Red AOE will start pulsing under every player dealing huge damage, stay spread so you don't overlap the damage. The longer the shield is up the more damage will the AOE deal making it very taxing on the healers, don’t make it hard on them and stand in their Healing Springs. First shield phase will start at 70% boss HP, shield will have 1,9 milion hp and your group should have enough DPS to take it down in about 8 seconds. Second shield will spawn at 30% Zhaj’Hassa hitpoints and will have double the hitpoints. Remeber You can buy eso gold , buy eso items  ,buy eso account, eso account on mmoauctions.com . 

Second Trash Wave


After defeating the boss a room with treasure chest will open up. Before the next boss you will run through huge trash packs, continue upward and get ready. Main tank will have to taunt Renderers, Shadowguards and Archers while off-tank will go for Shamans, Brutes and Savages. Your damage dealers will have to deal with Sun-Eaters and Shamans.


There are two new types of mobs to keep in mind for this stage. Renderers have ability called “Flesh Render” which is hard to deal with. It does metric ton of damage and knocks down players that are around the mob, damage dealers should keep distance, tank, however can take the damage and interrupt this skill by bashing the mob just before he starts casting it.


Shamans is another new type of mobs, if not dealt with he will start healing himself and brutes after 15-20 seconds from the beginning of the encounter. This healing ability will deal damage to all players surrounding the shaman so remember to get ready to soak the damage. The the Brutes are still alive when the Shaman starts casting the heal ignore them and block/pop shield.


5-wave Encounter

This encounter is a “boss” so make sure everyone is ready. This event will consist of five waves and wiping on any of them will make you begin from the start. Healers should split their focus with one dealing with tanks only and the other one going aoe group heals.


First wave is nothing special, just regular “trash pack” have your main tank taunt Brutes and Shaman and off tank taking out Renderers and the Brutes that will spawn outside the cave.


Second wave will have a Sun-Eater spawning where Renderer was before, focus her first. Main Tank takes Archer and Shadowguard and should be your next priority. Off tank deals with Savage keeping him away from the group untill rest of the mobs are dead.


Third wave will have Shamans to the West and Renderers to the East. Main tank has to kite Renderer away from the group ASAP, off tank takes Shamans which should be first priority for the damage dealers.


Fourth wave will have another Sun-Eater that will open with negate be sure to roll out of it asap. Main Tank will have to deal with Renderer and Archer making sure the archer is facing away from the group while keeping Renderer away. One healer should focus healing the tank as he will have not only “Flesh Render” on him but also panters and archer. Off tank should deal with Shamans and Savages. Once Shaman is dead, off tank can now pull the Savages to the main tank and aoe everything down. 

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Fifth wave is pretty extreme with two Sun-Eaters. Off tank focuses the western Sun-Eater and kites it to the ramp where you entered the encounter, this is where second sun-eater will spawn. With two Sun-Eaters together damage dealers can burst them down together. In the meantime main-tank taunts Shadowguard and Archer and tanks them away from the Sun-Eaters.


Guide Vashai and Skinrai

For this boss you group will have to split into two groups, each with its own tank and a healer and at least one magicka Dragon Knight with chains. Healers will need their Purge skill from Alliance War Support skill tree. One group will focus on Vashai, The Shadow Twin and get the Shadow Aspect while the other group focuses on Skinrai, The Holy Twin getting the Light Aspect. If you are doing eso boost to someone, it would be good to leave him out of the combat along with one other to have a 5/5 split. It will be easier than having someone with low eso powerlevel detonating entire raid.


Key mechanics to the Twins is the Aspect mechanic. You need to master this in order to progress any further, not knowing what to do with the aspects will always result in a wipe. Its extremely important for 6 players to get the holy aspect and 6 the shadow one. Once aspect is chosen you will see either light or shadow glow around your character. If players with opposite aspects stand too close together they will detonate causing all players in the range of that explosion to die. So it is of utmost importance to stick with your group. The groups are assigned depending on the proximity to Vashai and Skinrai. When you are near Skinrai you can only deal damage to Vashai and shadow mobs he spawns, same works for Skinrai. Every group will start at their side of the arena, when ready each tank will pull boss towards the dedicated group and once aspect is distributed swap the bosses with the other tank.


After every prayer phase there will be a color change. Three random players in every group (excluding tanks) will get the opposite color. You can recognize this when your character starts glowing the opposite color as you have quickly change. Always go clockwise to avoid collision with color-swappers from the other team. When you miss the color change phase you will be then assigned a new color detonating your group.


The adds summoned by the twins have their own unique thing going on. They will spawn after every Prayer phase and the longer the fight last the more adds will spawn every time, up to four adds. When they spawn tank and DK’s have to pull the adds towards their group. If the adds won’t die before next prayer they will explode and deal a lot of damage to the group. Skinrai adds will cast Lunar Flare on four random players in their field of view, flares have to be purged by the healers. Lurad Destruction has to be interrupted (you can do that with bash, deep breath etc.). Make sure to interrupt them as soon as possible as this skill one-shots non-tanks. Vashai adds will cast negate of the player that is further away from them that is why they have to be tanked facing away from the group so only tank gets negate. Vashai adds will also send 3 orbs into the room and the further they travel the more damage they deal and if they reach players from the other group it's basically a wipe.


During the fight both bosses will teleport to the opposite side, the room will then divide itself into two colors, light and dark. You have to stand on the correct side (light on dark and dark on light) before the prayer finishes or you will die. Make sure everyone is changing sides clockwise to avoid unnecessary deaths. You won't always have to change the side. After the room-wide explosion you will have brief moment when nobody has no aspects and they will be redistributed anew, so after the explosion you will have to repeat the pull and positioning just as you did in the beginning.


Bosses will have to in short delay between each kill. Once one of them dies all players will lose their aspect and timer will begin for a final explosion that will wipe the raid. The remaining boss will teleport to the center and after 20 seconds he will wipe the room. Which means you have to control your damage output. Usually Skinrai goes down faster because of the easier to deal adds so have your weaker DPS deal with him.


Second Encounter


After Vashai and Skinrai you will go straight into the second encounter, this time however there will be three waves for each side each a separate encounter. Make sure everyone goes through the gate before the encounter begins as it will close the slowbies off.


Left Side Pull:


Wave one will consist of One Sun-Eater, 2 archers and a savage. Nuke sun-eater first, archers can be taunted so they are facing away from the group, off tank has to taunt the savage and pull him away from the party. Second wave will have 2 sun-eaters and 2 Shadowguards plus a savage. Just like in previous encounter position the sun-eaters next to each other. Main tank has to taunt the Shadowguards and kite them away from the group. With sun-eaters dead you can pull Shadowguards back and kill them next. Third wave will consist of an archer, 2 Shadowguards, 2 Sun-Eaters and a Savage. Archer and 2 Shadowguards will spawn first so your damage dealers have a chance of taking them down before Sun-Eaters spawn, when they do Main-Tank has to pull the Shadowguards away from your group. Right side is pretty much the same with first wave having Sun-Eater, Archer, Savage and a Shadowguard, second wave will spawn Sun-Eater, 2 Archers and 2 Shadowguards and third wave will have an Archer, Shadowguard, Savage, Sun-Eater and then extra spawn of 2 archers.


Path to Rakkhat


This is another encounter area before your group meets the final boss, Rakkhat. Room is long and narrow and you will have to deal with three waves of enemies including new mob The Cursed Monks. Cursed Monks will jump from above the room and deal AOE upon landing that can potentially wipe out your raid, all it takes is having one player throwing caltrops in the area, should be enough to kill Cursed Monks before they land.




Rakkhat is a very complex last boss and will require a separate article. To get ready you can always buy eso gold to make all your gear “gold” which will help a lot. If you are doing dungeon eso boost for achievements or gear now is the time to drop the deadweight. Having more than one eso character boost here with low gear can be deadly as even a single mistake can ruin the run.