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Elite Dangerous Items

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Be it for the amazing sense of discovery that it brings with each hour of flight, the clutch battles against pirates, or the intense PvP mode; you’ll find yourself coming back to Elite dangerous time at time again. And who could blame you? This massive MMORPG is a virtual replica of our very own Milky Way Galaxy, according to the developers, players have only explored less than 1% of the entire map.

In the vast world of Elite Dangerous, you’ll find just about everything you ever dreamed a space MMORPG could be! There is a mystery around every corner of the massive world. But like every other MMORPG, the grinding you need to do to truly enjoy every aspect of the game might be a bit too much for some players. Between completing the same missions over and over again, the huge gap between the pro PvP players and the new ones and the tedious mining of the same resources time and time still, ca be unappealing for many newcomers. 

But don’t you worry, there’s always a way to get around this minor inconveniences. The key to space travel is on your fleet. A strong ship with enough upgrades can deal with almost anything out there. Be it an Anaconda, a Mamba, or a Python; you’ll find the best ship for your commanding skills. You don’t need to grind time and time again to buy them thou; you are just one click away from finding great ships and in-game offers on Elite Dangerous. Look for the best trades today at MMO Auctions.

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