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Quickly gather your favorite servants!

Fate/Grand Order is an incredible mix of visual novel and video game that keeps their players hooked with its turn-based battling system. In addition, every servant has a unique class that gives them advantages and disadvantages over other Servants and team compositions. 

But like in every Gacha game, the catch remains the same: those damn pesky luck-based rolls. Getting your favorite Servants might be next to impossible with those 1% drop chances. Even completing the daily challenges and weekly events is more time consuming than other Gacha games. Luckily, many players are willing to help you get the best characters.

Try MMO Auctions and become the Master of FGO

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You can easily turn any gaming goods into a profit. Become a seller and quickly earn some money playing the video games you love. Just create an account to start your new gaming venture. As you complete transactions, you’ll improve your ranking, gaining more trust amongst your customers. As added protection to every user, we develop “Scam Killer,” an in-site database where you can see user-generated reports of other users. Simply type in an e-mail or Skype ID and find out if your trading partner is trustworthy or not.

Every FGO Master’s dream! 

Fate/Grand Order is one of the most story-focused Gacha games out there. Its fully developed storyline will quickly get you invested in FGO’s characters and worldbuilding. You might even up watching the anime or reading the visual novels. And while there’s no real reason to use other characters over another, as it is possible to win the story battles with your favorite compositions, the truth is, you’ll have favorites. After all, you are their Master.

Maybe you are an old-time fan of the Fate franchise and would love to build a team comp based around the original anime. Perhaps you are a history fanboy just wanting to make a comp around deities or writers. Or maybe, just maybe, you are really into one of the characters. Hey, it’s ok, we get it.

There is nothing wrong with playing the game with inefficient Servants like Phantom of the Opera or Mata Hari. Still, there are few things more satisfying than destroying the in-game challenges with 5-star max powered Merlin and Skadi. So don’t be afraid to look up for your favorite Servant, especially when the drop rate is as low as 1%.

If you need help power leveling your favorite champs completing the daily events, or are you just looking for an account with great Servants? Either way, MMO Auctions is the right place for you.