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Fifa 16 Accounts

FIFA 16 has introduced a unique game mode which is called Ultimate Team. It is a mix of virtual soccer and trading card game. Each card in FIFA 16 Account may represent a footballer, trainer, manager, contract or attribute improvment. Your first cards will be implemented to your newly created club at random. Cards are divided into three different types and each of them is represented by different color depending on rarity: Bronze, Silver and Gold. When it comes to gameplay, the very important factor is so called "chemistry" of the team. You need to put your cards in proper places in order to get as much chemistry as possible, so your footballers will be able to perform faster and more precise passes, and keep their position in more efficient way. Looking for best FIFA 16 Accounts? Or maybe you want to get rid of your FIFA 16 account? You are in the right place - check MMOAuctions for the most actual FIFA 16 Accounts offers from players worldwide!