Fifa 16 Coins

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Coins in Fifa 16

Fifa 16 Coins is the main currency in the game. At the start of your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team career you are granted with 500 coins balance to work with and some complimentary packs supplied to you (which can be opened in Browse Packs menu). Fifa 16 Coins are used mainly to buy packs. In order to make any coins you need to open your first packs and check what you've got. If you get something that you feel is not useful for you, simply select "Quick Sell" in the options and get some coins back. Although main way to obtain FIFA 16 coins is to play matches, tournaments and drafts. In the beginning your team will not be skilled enough to effectively take part in online tournaments - the best decision is to start the single player mode as long as it also improves your team assets. Looking for Fifa 16 Coins? Or maybe want to get rid of some spare virtual goods? You are in the right place, check MMOAuctions for the most actual offers from players and traders worldwide!