Fifa 16 Cards

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Cards in Fifa 16

FIFA 16 is featuring a mode called Ultimate Team, which allows you to build your team up with FIFA 16 cards. Cards are created by EA Sports. They are obtainable via pack unboxing and are randomly distributed. You have five different ways to obtain one of these packs. First one is to create new club. It doesn't matter for how long you have been playing FIFA 16 - whenever new club is created, you are granted with starter pack which consist of 29 bronze cards, 2 silver cards and 3 gold cards. Another way is to purchase packs in the store either for FIFA points or for coins. You will also be granted with a pack after winning a tournament or single player season. You can also play Drafts and you will earn a pack for each Draft played, even if lost. Sometimes EA games gives packs are gifts. Looking for best FIFA 16 cards? Check MMOAuctions for the latest FIFA 16 cards offers from traders worldwide!