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FIFA 17 took a big leap in FIFA’s history due to the new use of the Frostbite engine to power up the graphical design of the most famous football game of all time. The mechanics improved, the sound department improved and it just feels more real now. Besides, the implementation of a game mode called “The Journey”. Before The Journey, the only way to play a story in FIFA was to experience a full season as a manager or as a player.

Now, players can join the story of Alex Hunter, a Londoner ready to get recognized in the English Premier League. All these changes were the perfect mix for a formula that was already successful to penetrate even more in the market. This is why MMOAuctions is here ready to offer you a marketplace full of FIFA 17 accounts, coins, and everything that you desire! We will serve as the technician of your team if you allow us to provide you with the best tactics to ensure your victory. 

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One of the big shocks, when FIFA 17 was first released, was the cover of the game. The Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo hegemony ended with Marco Reus at the cover of the brand new FIFA 17. The German midfielder managed to conquer the hearts of millions of players all over the world by wearing the Borussia Dortmunds t-shirt. 

However, the changes experienced by the loyal audience were bigger than just some esthetic things. The gameplay seems different compared to previous FIFA games. It was a little more difficult due to the extensive realism that only the Frostbite engine could offer. 

This was the beginning of a new way of playing FIFA that remains to this day. If we compare the game mechanics of FIFA 20 with FIFA 17, we can definitely see how important FIFA 17 was in the course of the game series.

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