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Kritika: Reboot Market

Kritika: Reboot, previously known as Kritika Online is a Korean action MMORPG that has been developed by ALLM Co. Ltd. The rebooted version is self-published by the developers on Steam and it has launched in 2019. The changes from the original version are mostly considered as positives. After all, Kritika dropped the infamous Stamina system and became more accessible to f2p players. Of course, the still retains its character and there’s plenty of room for the aesthetics-related microtransactions.

The game has an interesting player-driven economy that features both a Trading Center and the direct player-to-player trading (the ladder is locked behind a level gate though). The main currency in Kritika is simply called Gold and you can get tons of great gear and consumables for it. We recommend that you at least consider getting a vast supply of Gold if you want to reach endgame as soon as possible in order to run the most difficult and rewarding dungeons.

Getting an already developed account is another great option for basically every MMORPG. Kritika has multiple different resources and a powerful account can have them all! Besides, even the developers don’t hide the fact that endgame is the most important part of the game. You can entirely skip the early levels and jump right into the most fun part! Get the opportunity to play strong, geared-up characters with tons of gold and other useful resources.

Buy anything you need for Kritika: Reboot right here at MMOAuctions! Enjoy this anime-stylized, dynamic MMORPG even more! Landing your combos can be more satisfying if you see that they’re dealing absurd amounts of damage!