NBA 2k20 Market

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NBA 2K20 Market

Looking for virtual goods that can help you in NBA 2K20? Buy yourself a supply of MyTeam Coins or a whole strong account to get extra player cards and other valuable resources!

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Trading in NBA 2K20

The NBA 2K20 economy system is similar to the standard that has been known from other sports game franchises like FIFA. There’s a game mode that’s focused on building your roster and competing against other players. In NBA 2K20 this feature is called MyTeam. As you keep playing this mode, you’ll encounter multiple currencies. Arguably, MT Coins are the most important one. They can be used to buy card packs and various goods directly from the game store as well as specific player cards off the market.

Buying a supply of these coins can be a major help in developing your squad in NBA 2K20 MyTeam. It’s important to note, there’s no direct player to player trading, so everything happens through the game’s market. You simply have to put a junk item on sale for a very high price and the coins provider buys it from you (after you make the payment of course). This is the most convenient method of carrying out such a transaction.

As we mentioned, there’s not much trading in NBA 2K20. This makes the possibilities for the real money market somewhat limited. That being said, basically every game has the option of buying and selling accounts. Obviously, NBA 2K20 is a buy to play game. You can always find some offers that will be cheaper than buying the game directly from its publisher. Besides, buying an already developed account with plenty of MyTeam progression is also an option. Just remember, the NBA 2K20 accounts for PC are bound to Steam, so you won’t be able to transfer it to your old one.