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NeverWinter Astral Diamonds

Get yourself a stock of the most important currency in Neverwinter Online! Astral Diamonds can be used to buy multiple amazing items from the NPC traders. They’re also used as the trading currency in the Auction House – this way you can spend Astral Diamonds to buy tons of the most useful items from other players!

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Neverwinter Online Currencies

Neverwinter Online has multiple different currencies. A large portion of them is associated with a specific region, campaign, event, or another piece of the in-game content. That being said, there are three currencies that remain relevant over the pretty much whole course of the game.

Gold is the most basic currency in Neverwinter Online. You can receive it as loot from any type of monsters and get it in many other ways. Almost all the activities within the game will reward you with some amount of gold – one way or the other. The fact that it’s incredibly easy to acquire, makes the gold market virtually non-existent. You can use gold to trade directly with other players, but the truth is – no one will ever give you anything truly valuable for this currency in Neverwinter Online.

Astral Diamonds are, by far, the more important currency. Getting them within the game is significantly harder. You can do it by opening dungeon chests, participating in the random queue, and performing daily skirmishes as well as dungeons. Of course, you can also make some Astral Diamonds by selling your items through the Auction House. You can later spend this currency on many high-quality products sold by NPC vendors, campaign progression and many convenience items. You can also use them to buy stuff from other players’ auctions. Finally, you can exchange your diamonds for the games premium currency – Zen. This opens up a few other possibilities. Astral Diamonds can’t be traded directly, but you can set up a transaction in the Auction House. You put up a junk item for sale, call for an incredibly high price and the provider buys this item from you. This way you can get your Astral Diamonds delivered to your account.   

Zen is the aforementioned premium currency. You can get by spending your real money in the cash shop, but you can also buy it for Astral Diamonds – it’s important to note that this exchange works both ways. You can spend Zen on the VIP subscription, as well as plenty of quality of life upgrades, consumable items, bundles and more! There’s no way to transfer Zen from one account to another, but you can always use the Astral Diamonds exchange!