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Have you been waiting for a great MMO for a long time? If so, then New World by Amazon Game Studios is the game you have to try out. A vast open world, great environments, superb graphics, powerful enemies, a customization system, gathering, crafting, and, of course, a trading system.

If you want to know everything about this game and at the same time get New World currencies or services, you are in the right place!

MMOAuctions has a vast history selling in-game goods, from all kinds of currencies to different services, such as leveling and boosting.  We work with the most reliable traders of the market whose professional performance provides the fastest delivery. 

Although New World is still in the beta version, we are working to provide unique services related to New World Market.  Now, let's take a look at some aspects related to the trading system.

How Does the New World Market Work?

Newbies in every MMO tend to make the same mistake: they head to the vendors and start to sell. They don’t consider relevant factors, such as supply and demand and the number of Coins they can receive. 

You can trade through the system of buying and selling, but we don’t recommend it. It may not be very effective in terms of revenues. 

The trading system in New World Market works very similar to the market system in Albion Online, where you can place buy and sell orders according to your needs. 

When you place a sell order in the trading post, you can set the unit price, the quantity you want to sell, and the number of days that this order will last.

Placing a buy order works in the same way. You can set a price and the number of items you want to buy and just wait for some users to sell them to you. 

Trading posts are in every city. Just head to them and check what other users are offering. Also, check the prices and what is on demand.  

New World Market Basics

The trading post and trading system in New World work through a localized economy and not a globalized one. That implies that you can trade items and receive your revenues just in the same trading post. 

Every city has a Storage Shed. These sheds are your personal stash where you can store all your equipment and general goods. If you don’t want to carry something, just put it here to sell it later in the local trading post.

The main currency in New World is Coins. With New World Coins, you can buy everything you need: equipment, consumables, food, flasks, etc. You can even repair and improve armors and other things. What’s more, you need Coins to learn new spells and skills.

For every exchange, purchase, or sale you do, you have to pay a transaction charge. This fee, generally, ascends to 10.1%.

What is New World?

New World is an open-world massively multiplayer online game in which you start an adventure in an unknowing world where three factions fight for control of the land. 

The Aeternum island is the location where your journey takes place. Head for your weapons and armor and explore the territory. Complete missions for the factions and gain reputation. Siege castles, trade resources, and get powerful items.

In a few words, build your own path and story in this New World! Soon everybody will be singing about your feats!