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Be ready to battle in the Galar region!

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield were released last year with a mixed reception. Mainly due to the lack of polished animations and in-game content. But what the games lack on the graphic department, it makes up with the ton of changes to the battling system and strategies. New moves, new Pokemon, and new mechanics have breathed new life to the franchise.

And while competitive battling has never been as fun as it is in Sword and Shield, the grind to get those perfect IV Pokemon is still as tedious as ever. Sure, they added a few more mechanics to ease the grind, but as long as you depend on RNG, it will always be hard.

If you are planning to enter a tournament or just want those beautiful shiny new Pokemon but don’t have the time and energy to grind, why not trade at MMO Auctions? 

MMO Auctions, I choose you!

We are a secure marketplace where gamers can trade in-game items for money. The best part? We don’t charge a dime for your transactions. It’s all user-oriented. Buyers directly contact sellers, and together, they arrange the payment method and the time of their transaction. 

If security is your main concern, don’t worry, we have two systems in place to protect you from fake ads and scammers. All users have a ranking based on the number of successful transactions they’ve accomplished. Everyone starts at the same ranking, giving you an idea of whos new, whos a bad deal, and whos and experienced trader. Our second system is “Scam Killer,” the ever-growing database that collects reports based on user experiences. Want to know if someone is legit? Just type their email or Skype ID into “Scam Killer” to read the reports on the person. 

Making the climb easier

The Sword and Shield competitive ladder is crazy. With over 500+ beast to choose from, and the introduction of Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing, it is impossible to be ready for every game. If we also take into account the many unofficial metagames there are, you can pretty much play any way you want. The most played formats for online battling are VGC, Singles OU, and Singles Ubers. 

Many Pokemon thrive in different formats. Let’s take a look at Dragapult, the new Galar pseudo-legendary dragon. With its ghost and dragon typing combined with an amazing speed tier and movepool, he can pretty much be effective on any format. He is a good Pokemon, but its sets vary from format to format. In VGC, you’ll often find him having a more supportive role, while in the singles, he is more of an offensive threat.

Dragapult is a great Pokemon, but if you want to use it to its fullest potential, you’ll need to breed a lot of them, and we mean a lot! So while for some, it may be better to use the same set or use the in-game grinding tools to reset every single time you want to try a new set, the easiest way to play it is to have many available. And the fastest way to get there is by trading on MMO Auctions!