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Silkroad Online is a classic MMORPG title that was very popular during the premiere and years after. Since the game devs have been putting quite a lot of attention to patches for this game that do come out even to this day - there are lots of active players in Silkroad. If you are one of them you might be looking for things like Gold, Items, Accounts, Power-Leveling Services, Bots, or even Cheats. All of those and more can be found here - on the section for the Silkroad market. Browse through the hundreds of different offers posted by the real players from other countries and find the best deals on Silkroad items. 

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Silkroad Online

Silkroad Online is an MMORPG title released back in 2005 by the Joymax studio. Silkroad Online wasn’t anything revolutionary however it was a game that combined everything that players loved - martial arts, oriental fantasy, and multiplayer interactions. With a beautiful Asian themed world and multiple classes wielding sophisticated oriental weapons Silkroad quickly raised in the number of players who fell in love with this title. During many weeks after the release servers couldn’t hold the number of players that wanted to get inside the game. There were very long queues to enter and sometimes players had to wait for many hours in them. This led to the breakage of the player base that split between all of the Silkroad servers. People from Europe were playing on Turkish or even Asian servers with the faster queue times which shows how popular Silkroad Online was. Even today many years after the release Silkroad Online shows that it is a title worth playing with new content releases and patches that still improve this title. Make sure to try Silkroad if you haven’t had contact with it yet and come back to us whenever you need Silkroad items.