SilkRoad Items

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Items in SilkRoad

There are tons of Silkroad items - those which players will crave for, are weapons and armors. Weapons comes in five types: blades and swords attack quickly and are one-handed, allowing player to wear shield along for defence. Glaives and Spears are two-handed polearms with slow attack, but dealing higher damage. Bows are two-handed distance weapons, that requires arrows to be used. When it comes to armors, there are 3 types of them in Silkroad: armor with high physical defense, but low magical defense, garment with high magical defense, but having low physical defense instead, and protector - something between armor and garment. There are also plenties of accessories, shields etc. Looking for virtual goods connected with Silkroad items? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual Silkroad items offers from players and traders worldwide!