SilkRoad Gold

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Gold in SilkRoad

Main and most commonly used currency in the game is SilkRoad Gold. It can be obtained from deafeated monsters as loot, but also via selling unwanted items to NPC vendors and other players, or by doing quests. Trading goods between cities as a Trader (available at level 20, however recommended for level 30 because of monsters by the road) may also provide player with some additional gold. SilkRoad Gold is a very useful resource, since it allows player to buy consumables at NPC vendors, buy items and equipment from other players etc. To obtain maximal tier equipment with decent upgrades and enchants, it may take months - that's why it is essential to get ahold of a solid amount of SilkRoad Gold. Looking for virtual currency from Silkroad? Or maybe you want to get rid of your spare items? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual SilkRoad Gold offers from players and traders worldwide!