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Buying a fully developed Smite account is a great option to enjoy all the possibilities that the game offers, but they’re not exactly available for new players. Leveling up the account, unlocking the desired gods demands a great number of hours put into the game. If you wanted to unlock all the 101 gods only with Favor (the free in-game currency) you would have played for approximately two years! Buy Smite account at our site and skip over that part.


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Low Elo games might feel very random at times, since they’re often decided by the worst players and not best ones. Unfortunately, you will sometimes meet the players that are just too heavy to get carried. That’s why buying an account and skipping the whole Elo hell experience for a little bit of money might do wonders for you. Especially if you can’t or simply don’t want to devote that much time to grind through the ladder or enjoy playing gods that can’t carry the game all by themselves. Smite also has a pass system, maybe you'll be able to buy an account with this bonus.


There's plenty of options when choosing the right account. Buying a better Smite account at MMOAuctions can not only give you the full access to all the gods and skins that you want to have but also can place you in a much nicer division, where people actually know what they’re doing. Choose whichever offer you like the most, contact the seller and place your order. Enjoy high-quality gameplay instead of being trapped in the low Elo randomness. Boost your Smite experience with a bought account and enjoy some of the exclusives. You can even fight accounts with enough points to have masters border.


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Smite – one of the leading MOBAs

In Smite, players can control gods and other legendary figures of many different pantheons, for example, Greek, Japanese and Chinese. Developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios, the game is of the most prominent examples of the Massive Online Battle Arena genre and it's still continuing to evolve.


The game stands out from the competition thanks to its third person view. It has a significant impact on a way players control their characters and their spatial awareness since they have to turn around to see what’s behind them. Of course, there’s a minimap to help a bit with that, but it’s still much different than in most MOBAs.


The characters that players can pilot are called gods. They’re all based on myths and legends. Each god has a unique skill set that allows them to thrive in a certain role and play style. Face other gods in epic combat on the Mount Olympus.   


Like in most MOBAs the main objective in Smite is to destroy the enemy base, with the final goal to kill their Titan, which is the only way to win the game (besides enemy team surrendering of course). There are some game modes that serve as exceptions to that, but that’s the case in most matches.


Different roles and playstyles in Smite

The main and most prevalent game mode called Conquest is the Smite’s approach to the common MOBA gameplay. Two teams of five players facing each other on a map with three lanes and a jungle. That often leads to a pretty standardized meta, since players often find the optimal way to play the game and most team compositions look pretty similar, at least with the lane assignments.


In Conquest, each team will usually have a solo laner, a jungler, a mid laner, an attack damage carry and a support. The gods are also divided in five classes: hunters, warriors, mages, assassins and guardians.


Solo laners face each other in a side lane of the map. Their objective is mainly to farm, but it’s also good to poke the enemy and solo kill him if possible. Later they should start focusing on damaging enemy tower and trying to destroy it. It frees them to roam through the map and influence other lanes. It’s good when solo lane gods are rather tanky, so warrior is the most popular class here.


Junglers will often play a lot of PvE, running around the jungle and farming camps. Their objective is to get ahead the enemy jungler with good pathing and quick jungle clear. They also have a secondary goal, which is ganking lanes. Especially when enemy laners are playing very aggressive and not warding, it’s a good idea to team up with your ally and get the kill. Assassins are most popular in this role, thanks to their burst damage that works really well in gank scenarios.


Mid laners also play a 1v1 lane, only they meet each other in the middle lane. They interact with junglers more, especially killing mid harpies. Moreover, because of being located in the center of the map, they can get ganked from both sides, which is why they need wards, to get a good vision coverage. Mid laners usually deal a lot of damage and mages are the most popular class in this role.


AD Carries are ranged damage dealers (the hunter class), who play the duo lanes alongside their supports. ADC is usually the role that scales the hardest into the late game, but needs some help staying alive while farming early. After getting enough farm and becoming strong, the ADC will start using their range to take enemy towers.


Supports will play with their carries in the duo lane most of the time. Their main job is peeling for their team and keeping ally damage dealers alive. It’s also important to know the good timing to leave the duo lane and assist some other teammates. The thing is that good roams can often decide the early game and set up the team for success, but if your ADC dies in lane, while you’re roaming and not getting anything for it, your team ends up behind, instead of getting an advantage.


Marvelous Smite in-game content

If you’re mostly interested in a singular role, you may find an account that has all the gods associated with that role unlocked. There are accounts that also have some of the mastery skins! Prices may vary, depending on the amount of content, Smite Gems, Favor as well as the rank and lvl of the account. You can also find one with the Ultimate God Pack – a feature that unlocks all the current and future gods.


If you’re lucky you can even find some accounts with Tier 5 (T5) skins - the limited skins that are not obtainable anymore, such as Archon Thanatos, Ragnarok Force X Thor, and Demonic Pact Anubis. They were only available in certain Odyssey events and you can’t purchase them in the game anymore.


Members of Smite community can also enjoy two other ranked gamemodes in Smite. In Joust players engage in 3v3 fight in a single lane, with jungle camps on each side of it. Each time has a single tower, a single Phoenix and a Titan. The last ranked queue is Duel, where players can face each other 1v1.


Constantly challenge yourself with Smite!

As many other MOBAs, Smite is very competitive. The amount of mechanical prowess necessary to be one of the best players out there provides a great possibility for an exciting ranked ladder as well as e-sports tournaments, with the Smite World Championship being the most prestigious one.


There are a lot of skills players have to develop to become great at Smite. The constant awareness of minimap, efficiently combining farming and trading in lane and picking the correct time to roam are just a tip of the iceberg. There’s also learning the lane matchups, knowing your power spikes, being aware of what all the 101 gods can do in combat, because you never know who will your enemy pick and many more big and small things.


Every player that has an account with level 30 or higher and owns at least 20 gods can take part in ranked matches. Everyone starts unranked and the first 10 games of every season are the qualifying matches that determine the starting point of the annual climb. It can take many days of even months to get to the desired elo. 


There are seven tiers, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grandmaster, but the two last ones are really hard to get and only few of the best players can ever get to them. The five lowest ones are also consisting of 5 divisions each. For victories and losses, you respectively gain or lose Tribute. Getting a 100 Tribute causes you to promote to a higher division, losing games when your Tribute equals 0 may cause you to fall to a lower one.


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