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Smite Boosting

Smite - the mythical MOBA

Smite is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios. It was released in March 2014 and remains one of the top most successful MOBAs next to League of Legends and Dota 2.


In contrast to those games, in Smite players control their characters from a third person perspective. This feature makes it more difficult to be always aware of your surroundings and provides dynamic matches full of kills.


All characters in Smite are inspired by myths and legends, most of them being ancient gods and goddesses, as well as Greek heroes and others. The official terminology calls all the playable characters “Gods” even after introducing figures like King Arthur or Achilles.


Gameplay of Smite

In the most popular Conquest game mode, two 5 player teams face each other in a standard MOBA match, with three lanes and jungle between them. Players choose their picks from the list of 101 gods, the game is free to play, but unlocking every character may take some time. There are two other ranked queues in Smite, the 3v3 Joust, and 1v1 Duel.


Most of the time every team will have a solo laner, jungler, mid laner, attack damage carry (in Smite sometimes called hunter) and a support. These roles are lane assignments, gods are also divided in classes, which are defined by the abilities and kits available to them.


Solo laners are often tanky warriors that can frontline for their team or dive onto enemies. Junglers usually play assassins, because their bursty damage output is useful during ganks. Mid laners often play high damage mages, who will be able to clear waves and bring some utility to their teams. Attack damage carries, or hunters are ranged gods with high DPS and good tower taking capability. Supports try to keep their damage dealers alive with healing, shielding and peeling.


Smite Boosting - Competitive face of Smite

There’s a lot of room for skill expression in Smite, which makes it a super competitive game. It usually takes some time to perfect the last hitting of minions, as well as to learn trading patterns in lane. Farming creeps here might not be as important as in some other MOBAs, but it’s still some nice influx of gold. Then there’s finding the perfect time to roam or learning to gank if one wants to play as the jungler.


There’s also a developed e-sport scene with numerous tournaments and the annual Smite World Championship.


Similarly to most games of the genre, Smite has a rank system. It’s divided into five basic divisions: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, with Master and Grandmaster at the top. For their victories, players earn Tribute that in turn allows them to get promoted to a higher tier.  


As in every other game with a similar rank ladder, there’s a real possibility to get hard stuck in low elo divisions. If you play a role that can’t 1v9 carry games or simply don’t have time to spam games for hours every day, you might find it difficult to climb to the top. Fortunately, there’s a way around it. Get to higher elo fast with a boosting service on MMOAuctions.


Buy Smite boosting services

Getting a boost can enhance your enjoyment of the game. Skipping some of the lower divisions will significantly improve the quality of your matches. You will find stronger enemies, but at the same time, your teammates will be better at the game. Everyone who played any MOBA knows how frustrating it is to get a one person who doesn’t understand the fundamentals of the game or simply plays really bad and single-handedly loses the match.


Pilot some of your favorite gods and play towards your win conditions to kill enemy Titan! Enjoy some of the middle and high elo Smite gameplay thanks to boosting. Since Hi-Rez Studios deleted ranked duo queue, the only way to get a boost is to let a very skilled player play on your account and grind through Elo hell for you. This way you get another person to climb a few divisions as fast as possible on your account, instead of spending a long time doing it yourself.


If enhancing the enjoyment of your gaming is not enough, there’s more. Finishing a split or a season in a higher division also grants better rewards. Boosters can help you with getting them on your account. Get limited emotes, icons and other prizes thanks to getting a Smite boost!


Currently, low Elo games can often feel like a coin flip. The team with fewer trolls and novices just automatically wins and there’s not much that even a decently good player can do about that. If you like the design and mechanics of Smite, but your ranked matches feel like that, buying a boosting service might be a good idea. You don’t have to accept the fact that you’re stuck in silver or gold, you can easily get to a higher division. Let somebody else do the work for you!


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