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Starbase Credits

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What Is Starbase?

Starbase is a hybrid voxel/vertex-based space massively multiplayer online game with a fully destructible environment and infinitely expanding universe. Players observe the universe of vast scale and detail from the first or third-person perspective. 

The gameplay focuses on traversing the vast universe and performing various tasks such as: 

  • creating massive automated factories, 
  • designing electricity and data networks, 
  • resource gathering,
  • designing and building spaceships,
  • obtaining minerals from asteroids or wrecks, 
  • exploration missions during which you discover the secrets of the galaxy, taking part in various activities, combat, and developing your character.

The gameplay gives players the ultimate freedom to unleash and exploit their creativity while exploring. With that in mind, a vital feature of Starbase is the ability to influence the game world. 

However, the game isn’t limited to designing spaceships and stations. You can freely destroy what surrounds you, including, for example, making holes in walls or objects. 

Interaction with other players is also of great importance. Cooperation is critical because, thanks to it, we can achieve and build much more. Additionally, the game features trading options, giving players the possibility to buy and sell resources on an Auction House. 

How to Get Credits in Starbase?

As we’ve mentioned, Starbase is a massively multiplayer online game with gameplay focused not only on constructing spaceships. Thus, getting some early money may require a bit of effort. Get ready for the exploration of the immense depth of the Starbase universe! 

Remember that you have the ultimate freedom to choose whichever method works best for you. Thus, feel free to focus on the game element that gives you the most pleasure.


At the beginning of your Starbase adventure, mining is probably the most efficient credit-making method. However, do whatever is okay for you. It’s important to note that you can only make 100k credits a day on mining. Thus, don’t camp it out for too long. 

Depending on your zone, you’ll be able to search for different kinds of resources. Their price varies, so make sure to check the Auction House and target the most expensive resources in your area.

When selling, always pay attention to the profit you’ll get on AH, as you might get more Credits at a vendor due to tax issues.


All MMORPG fans should know The idea of flipping from other video games. All you need to do is buy something cheaper and then sell it for a higher price. 

First, check the price of an item and note that down. As a next step, have a look at the costs of crafting this item. If it’s less than the price of an item -10% (because of the tax), then it’s a good idea to make a profit from crafting the item and then selling it on AH.

Join a Company

With Starbase being called a massively multiplayer online game, one of the game’s core features is a collaboration with other players. When you join a company, you can make bigger ships, travel further distances, and be safer outside the safe zone. If you want to find a company, you might browse through offers on Starbase’s official discord.

Final Words

Starbase is a great game that gives you the ultimate freedom in exploring the immense depth of its world. From constructing spaceships that can endure the hazards of space, such as collision and corrosive damages, to creating massive automated factories, resource gathering, and designing electricity and data networks. 

All these game activities are way more enjoyable with the proper amount of Credits. Get equipped with MMOAuctions and move straight into space exploration!